My name is Vivek Krishnan and I write the content on this blog.

I have worked for two leading Indian ecommerce companies as a digital marketer with a total of four years of experience. In 2015, I was personally responsible for managing $1 million worth of digital marketing budget. How I became a digital marketer is surprising. It was because of my love for writing. In 2007, while in college I maintained a blog that allowed me to exercise my writing itch. Over time, in order to get more readers and grow it into a business I taught myself digital marketing techniques such as SEO, affiliate marketing, content marketing and Google Analytics. When the ecommerce age in India dawned around 2012, I was prepared with the skills needed for a digital marketer and that is how my career began.

Cult of digital is a digital marketing blog based in India. The primary focus of this blog is to provide readers with a comprehensive resource to learn digital marketing techniques, grasp advertising channels such as Facebook ads, understand how to market an ecommerce company and get useful updates regarding the online industry. It is meant to provide tips and help for digital marketers as well as entrepreneurs who are operating their business in the digital space.

I encourage you to connect with me via Linkedinvivek-krishnan-linkedinThank you for taking time out to learn more about the blog. Here is an article where you can begin to learn how to become a digital marketing expert by yourself. You can also reach out to me personally using the Contact page.