Introducing Ad Sequencing on Reach and Frequency Campaigns

By | 18 April, 2015

There has been an exciting new enhancement to the Facebook reach and frequency campaign with the addition of  an ad sequencing capability. Ad sequencing is a capability that allows you to set a specific order for your ads to appear to each individual person within the audience of your reach and frequency campaign. With this feature, you can now set the sequence of ads that will be seen by your audience. For example, a person must see ad 1 before then see ad 2, ad 2 before they see ad 3, and so on.

Using ad sequencing on reach and frequency campaigns, Facebook hopes that the advertisers will now be able to tell richer, more personalized stories to their audience. A research study published by Adaptly in association with Refinery29 concluded that ad sequencing on Facebook at a personalized level increases overall view-throughs by 87% and conversions by 56%, compared to the regular Facebook ads that have a sustained Call-to-Action (CTA). Refinery29 is a fashion and style website, giving readers all the tips, tricks, and tools covering everything from shopping and beauty to wellness and celebrities.

How to use Power Editor for creating Ad Sequencing on Reach and Frequency

The steps to set up ad sequencing on reach and frequency campaigns are as follows:

1) Create a reach and frequency campaign using the process you are already accustomed to. If this is your first time, here is a helpful article on how to create Reach and Frequency campaigns.

2) Once you have created your reach and frequency campaign, you need to upload ads to your ad set. This needs to be done before you can set a sequence.

3) Go to the new “Delivery” section at the ad set level below the “Reach and Frequency Summary” section

4) Select ‘Sequenced Delivery’

5) Set your desired ad sequence.

6) Upload your campaign to save the sequence

How Ad Sequencing can be Effective

To realize how Ad sequencing ads can be useful for building a better conversion rate and brand for your company, one needs to understand the difference between a sustained Call-to-Action and Sequenced Call-to-Action.

Currently, the ads you run on Facebook contain Sustain CTA such as “Sign Up”, “Shop Now”, “Book Now”. The user is bombarded with the same call-to-action with all your ads. It is a complete push marketing.

In the case of Sequenced CTA, a user is put through a life-cycle of 3 different ads achieving 3 different phases of a users purchase decision.  The funnel for converting a user is as shown below:

Ad Sequencing on Reach and Frequency Campaigns

Ad sequencing on reach and frequency campaigns will allow you to show three sequenced ads to a user. He will see the three ads in the order that you defined. Your first ad will contain a general branding message (awareness). After that, the Facebook ad engine will show the users who saw your first ad with a second ad, which would be in middle of the funnel for product information (consideration).  Finally, the users who saw the previous two ads of your sequence will be shown the final ad – the bottom of the funnel for call-to-action for email sign-up or a product purchase (conversion). Below is illustration for the example we just talked about.

Ad sequencing on Reach & frequency campaigns

I hope you try out this new enhancement in the Facebook reach and frequency campaigns. Do let me know your results if you have already run it. As always, please feel free to comment below for any doubts that may arise.

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