Advantages of Digital Marketing

Top 5 Advantages of Digital Marketing

There are many advantages of digital marketing that a business owner can leverage. Regardless of your size, whether you are a corporate or a work-at-home mother, digital marketing can help you advertise better. It is better than traditional marketing in many respects. But, I have never experienced offline marketing efforts, so the previous statement could be biased. What I do know is what are the advantages of digital marketing. Clear cases where digital marketing is an absolutely necessary marketing channel that businesses need to learn, utilize and optimize.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Measurable Results

The number one advantage of digital marketing is the measurable result. You know the ROI (return of investment) on every advertising penny. The same is never the case with radio, newspaper or televisions. It is difficult to exactly attribute how much of an impact an offline advertisement made. In digital marketing, the marketer swears by the CPA (cost-per-acquisition) rule. Using a tool such as Google Analytics, a marketer can figure out exactly what was the impact their online ad had on their bottom-line. Something that is not possible in traditional advertising.


After realizing that you can measure the ROI on your investment if you use digital marketing, you should also know that is one of the most cost-effective mediums of advertising. While televisions and newspaper tend to get expensive, you can advertise using digital mediums for an extremely low price. For example, mediums such as Facebook only charge you 10 cents for a click, sometimes even lower. For ten cents, you bring a customer on your website – it is easily the cheapest advertisement you can have for your business. Due to this low cost visitor acquisition, your cost per sale also reduces dramatically, compared to what it could have been using the traditional advertising channels.

Reach Your Perfect Audience

It can usually get very generic when you advertise using television or other mass media. This is why digital marketing can help you reach your prospective customers when razor-sharp accuracy. Let’s take an example, suppose you are selling t-shirts on your website – it really does not make a lot of business sense to advertise on a newspaper, unless you are big corporation with deep pockets. A newspaper is read by a wide range of people, not all of whom who would want to buy a t-shirt. On the other hand, via digital marketing you can exactly reach the people of the age range that might want to purchase t-shirts or people who are looking to Google for buying a t-shirt. Its a complete win for digital marketing, other channels don’t come close to this sort of targeting accuracy.

Quicker Results

I also realize that digital marketing is actually the quickest way to get results. You can literally get to work in a matter of minutes. Once your website is ready to accept visitors and potential customers. Your ad can get up and running in the next few minutes and start giving you the results. Of course, you can optimize over time, but you will begin reaching your audience immediately. No more waiting for available dates for that expensive newspaper ad, paying through your nose for every inch. Digital marketing can help you get premium placement on popular sites such as Google and Facebook for a fraction of the cost with better audience targeting.

Obtain Customer Data

The beauty of digital marketing is that you retain all customer data, once a user lands on your site, you can ask him for his email address. Or you can also receive his contact details when he makes a purchase. You know exactly what he has ordered, you can even get to know his age. This helps you understand the customers your business has. Now where digital marketing gets really powerful is that it then allows you to drive repeat conversions from these existing customers. This is done via promotional emails or by using the re-targeting technology offered by almost all top advertising channels online.


Digital marketing has leveled the playing field for all businesses. Today companies are beginning to build brand recognition purely through online marketing efforts and none of the offline modes. In cases such as televisions and newspaper where it would cost you a fortune to be able to advertise, digital marketing can enable you to begin advertising for as low as $50! This is indeed something that only digital marketing can provide you with. In my opinion, they are easily the best advertising channel available for most businesses. After you read the above points, I am sure anyone can conclusively state the benefits that digital marketing offers are something that one cannot ignore and has to be integrated into every company’s marketing plan.