What is the Average Cost per Install on Facebook in India

India has one of the best average cost-per-install compared to rest of the globe. There is also data that the CTR on Facebook Mobile App Install ads for Indian audience is almost 3x higher than some other parts of the world. In this post, I will be shedding light on some benchmarks, trends and numbers that Indian advertisers observe for their Facebook App Install ads.

The foray into mobile has positively impacted Facebook as a business and has now become a major source of revenue. Marketers around the globe are starting to realize the potential of driving installs via Facebook and are observing much lesser cost-per-install compared to other mediums.

In India, there are almost 106 million users on Facebook currently and 62 million of them are also active users on mobile. With the dipping price of smartphones in the country, this number is expected to swell exponentially. Therefore, businesses must understand the potential of advertising their app through Facebook.

Before I talk about the benchmarks in India, here are some stats about the cost-per-installs in other parts of the world. The stats below are analyzed by AdParlor (a Preferred Marketing Developer for Facebook), they shared half-billion impression to glean data and trends on cost-per-installs in different part of the globe.

  • Russia exhibits the highest cost-per-install at $6.30
  • Norway is second with an average cost-per-install of $5.06
  • Finland has the third highest average cost-per-install on Facebook at $4
  • US and the UK had cost-per-installs of $2.53 and $2.47 respectively
  • Bulgaria showed the lowest cost-per-install at $0.53

Average Cost Per Install on Facebook

The above data clearly shows that the high cost of mobile app installs is primarily because it is a more mature market compared to the Asia Pacific countries, where Facebook Cost-per-clicks are also lower.

Average Cost per Install on Facebook in India

  • The average cost-per-install on Facebook ads in India hovers around Rs.50-70 ($0.81-1.14)
  • The best cost-per-install on Facebook ads in India is about Rs.25 ($0.40); it is difficult to sustain this number to scale your campaign. It works best when you are looking to create an ad of about 100-200 per day
  • An excellent CTR of almost 4.5% is achievable on mobile app installs ads via Facebook in India
  • An average campaign for Mobile app installs would have CTR in the range of 2.5% to 3.5%
  • It is not advisable to run mobile app install ads with CTR lesser than 2% as it would end up inflating your cost-per-install

Average Cost per install on Facebook

Tips to improve Facebook mobile app ad performance

There are many important steps and tricks to improve the average cost per install on Facebook for your campaigns. The Indian audience in Facebook is quite fresh to these mobile app ads and hence your CTR can be improved by as much as 30% if you follow these steps:

  • Use product images and price points to drive your CTR if your business is ecommerce, instead of the regular push marketing to install your app. While showing the smartphone with your app in the creative is said to be a best practice, I have personally observed a 30% improvement in CTR if you use product images.
  • Run more than ten different creatives for your active app installs ads. On Facebook, most people will be overlapping even if you have targeted different interest groups. Therefore, if you ensure that people always see different creatives for the same app, you will always see a good CTR for all your Facebook mobile app install campaigns and therefore lower costs.
  • Use a good mix of oCPM (optimized CPM) and CPC ads for driving mobile app installs. Don’t give up on oCPM ads in the first day even if it gives you high cost per install. As long as your oCPM ads have a good CTR, let the ad run for almost 24 hours – you will soon notice that the oCPM ads give you the highest volume of app installs at comparable cost-per-installs of your CPC campaigns – try it!

This ad unit has quickly become an important aspect of advertising spends for most online businesses in India. Ecommerce companies in India are spending almost 50% of their advertising spends now to get app installs. Also, as the market matures in India, the cost-per-installs will steadily begin to climb, so its best to jump in the bandwagon as quickly as possible and get the most out of it. The trend was observed for CPCs in India, which used to be so low in the year of 2012 and by 2014, we are witnessing quite an aggressive bidding range from Indian advertisers. This is due to the improving ROI for businesses from Facebook advertising.

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