The 10 Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

If you are looking for digital marketing courses in India then these are the best institutes. Many of them offer live online lectures alongside regular classroom training. So you can be in any part of the country and access these courses with an internet connection. The highest number of digital marketing courses are located in New Delhi and Mumbai, however, with online streaming you can access digital marketing training in Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai or any other part of India.

I have also written an article on how you can become a digital marketing expert by yourself.

One doubt that you might have after reading this list is whether you should prefer online or classroom lectures. Although online lectures have become quite advanced and you are allowed to ask questions in between as well as attend them in real-time, it is still not the same as classroom training. In my opinion, it really depends on the amount of discipline you have and your commitment to grasping digital marketing. If you are confident that you can leverage the most of your digital marketing course from a remote location then you should go for it. Additionally, you will observe that the fees for online classes are cheaper than classroom training. Finally, if you are in a part of India that does not have any good digital marketing institute then you may be forced to opt for online live streaming.

You may also be happy to learn that many of the best digital marketing institutes such as MICA and Digital Vidya only offer an online lecture and have no option for classroom lectures.

Review of Digital Marketing Courses in India


Mudra Institue of Communications Ahmedabad is one of India’s premier marketing and advertising school. Many of top marketing professional in India are MICA graduates. Some notable alumni’s work as Digital Marketing leads for big firms such as Nokia, Makemytrip, Amazon etc.

Digital Marketing Courses

The digital marketing course offered by MICA is called Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Digital Marketing. This course has been designed to familiarize participants with the key aspects of digital marketing. One of the biggest benefits of taking this course is that you gain a MICA alumni status, which is quite prestigious.

MICA digital marketing course is split in seven modules as follows:

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Search Marketing
  3. Web Analytics
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Display Marketing
  7. Mobile Marketing

Each of these modules are covered over weekend classes in a duration of 4 months. Another advantage of this program is that you do not have to be present in the Ahmedabad campus for these courses. You can conveniently attend all these classes over a broadband connection at home. If you miss a class, you can also have an “on-demand” access to the recorded version of the live class. In a live class, you can ask questions to the trainer and get the real-feel of being present in an actual classroom. If interested, you can register for the same using their official website.

Fees: Rs.70,000 + taxes.

2. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya offers a Digital Marketing Certifcation Course called the Certified Digital Marketing Master (CDMM) course. They started operations in 2009 – which is quite an early time to enter the digital marketing training business. I personally think this program provides an in-depth view of the fundamentals. After completing the fundamentals, Digital Vidya offers a specialization course for Advanced Google Analytics, Mobile App Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc.

Digital Marketing Courses

Similar to MICA digital marketing training program, Digital Vidya also offers only online lectures over a period of 6 months. The core modules of their course is as follows along with the number of hours spent teaching each module.

  • Email Marketing (12 hrs)
  • Social Media Marketing (15 hrs)
  • Inbound Marketing (12 hrs)
  • Search Engine Marketing (12 hrs)
  • Search Engine Optimization (12 hrs)
  • Web Analytics (12 hrs)

In addition, by attending the Digital Vidya digital marketing program they help you earn Google Adwords Certification as well as Google Analytics certification. All further information regarding program available here.

Fees: Rs.49,900 + Service Tax i.e. Rs.57,385/- All Inclusive.

3. Manipal Prolearn

The Manipal Prolearn Digital Marketing course is designed in association with Google India. Like other digital marketing courses in India, Manipal Prolearn also seeks to address the growing demand for competent digital marketers in the market. One of the key USPs of this program is that this is a joint program with Google India, which adds a high degree of credibility to the program. More details about this can be accessed via this link.

Digital Marketing Courses

However, the drawback I found here is that because of the JV with Google India, the curriculum is highly skewed towards Google products. The focus on other important aspects of digital marketing such as email, affiliate, blogs and social media marketing seems lesser. Here is the curriculum from Manipal Prolearn for reference.

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Fundamentals of AdWords
  • Search Advertising & Adwords Tools
  • Display Advertising using AdWords
  • Video Advertising using YouTube
  • Advertising on mobile
  • Shopping Advertising with Google
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Programmatic Buying, Email and Affiliate Marketing

To attend this digital marketing program you would have to enroll at any of the batches live for this program in Prolearn centers around the country such as Lucknow, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata in addition to all major metro cities. There are two formats of delivery offered by Manipal Prolearn, you can either opt for the instructor-led online lectures or classroom training where you have to physically travel to the center. The fees for both the formats vary significantly.


  • Rs.26,066 (online lectures)
  • Rs.34,500 (classroom lectures)

The above fees is all inclusive including taxes.

4. All India Management Association (AIMA)

Another highly recommended digital marketing course in India is from AIMA. The certificate awarded on completion of this course is called Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing and Analytics, a joint Certificate from AIMA and Digital Vidya.

Digital Marketing Courses India

The program occurs twice every week, either on weekends or on two weekdays. The format of delivery is through online classes. You can join in to the live lecture conducted by them. You will be completing the course over a period of 5 months and spend a total of 60 hours in online lectures and 12 hours in online projects. All information regarding this is available to you at their official website.

There are doubts I have about the depth of their syllabus because the program is broadly structured in five modules that cover the key aspects of digital marketing. However, I believe they might miss out on the depth of other programs which include mobile marketing, affiliate marketing and some other niche topics. You will be completing the certification program with a one-hour online exam.

Fees: Rs.36,000 + service tax

5. NIIT Imperia

NIIT has already completed over 35 batches of digital marketing training and has been favorably met by the market. Like most digital marketing courses in India, NIIT Imperia is also delivered on live, online instructor-led lectures.

Digital Marketing Courses in India

The total course is for 33 hours, which makes it one of the shortest programs to learn digital marketing. To complete the course, you will undergo a module-wise assessment unlike an overall exam that happens at other programs. One of the features of this program is that they provide up to 10 real industry case studies. At the end of the course you will earn a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. Visit their website here.

Fees: Rs.37,500 + 15% Service Tax

6. Internet and Mobile Research Institute (IMRI)

The IMRI digitial marketing course comes with a 100% job guarantee at the end of successful completion of the program. They offer three types of digital marketing courses that are of varying duration and level of depth covered. The course is more intensive than the others listed here. Moreover, the fact that it comes with a 100% guarantee of a job is quite appealing. You can research more about this program using this link.

Digital Marketing Courses in India

These are three digital marketing courses you can choose from:

  • Executive Program in Digital Marketing (EPDM) – 1 month, part time, no placement, 1 live project
  • Professional Program In Digital Marketing (PPDM) – 6 months, full time, Minimum 2.5 Lakhs CTC on completion, 10 live projects
  • Graduate Program in Digital Marketing (GPDM) – 12 months, full time, Minimum 3.5 Lakhs CTC on completion, 50 live projects

In my personal opinion, IMRI program is a very good option for those who are very serious about a digital marketing career because of its high focus on practical learning. In each of the above programs you have an opportunity to personally manage and spending budgets on digital marketing ads. For example in the GPDM course, you are allowed manage PPC budget of up to Rs.5 lakhs, which is a great way to learn digital marketing. Due to the practical nature of the curriculum, IRMI requires classroom lectures and attendance.


  • EPDM: Rs.40,500 + applicable taxes
  • PPDM: Rs.95,500 + applicable taxes
  • GPDM: Rs.2,50,000 + applicable taxes

7. Digital Marketing Training Institute (DMTI)

They are an institute based out of Mumbai which specialized in providing certified digital marketing training. DMTI offers a one-year full time digital marketing course which awards the candidate with a Post Graduate Program in Digital Media Marketing. In addition, you will also find they provide specialized training in key digital marketing components such as SEO, SEM and Email marketing.

Digital Marketing Courses in India

DMTI functions like how a good college would, they have a strong curriculum. Moreover, it is a full time course which requires you to attend the classroom lectures in Mumbai. All classes are conducted at Jai Hind College in Churchgate, Mumbai. They have highly reputed investors and entrepreneurs on their Advisory board such as Mahesh Murthy and Anurag Batra.

The curriculum is split in trimesters and includes two paid internships. You would also be happy to learn that this course comes with a placement guarantee and they claim that there are companies lining up to hire their graduates. However, no commitments on the expected salary are made. Further details regarding this are available through this link.

To be admitted for DMTI digital marketing course, you need a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized Indian University. Students in their final year are also eligible to apply. Although, I think that this is a very good program and one year in needed to be able to grasp digital marketing via lectures. At the same time, one year is a fairly big commitment a working professional may have to make. Therefore, this is more suitable for fresh graduates who are looking to build a digital marketing career.

8. Simply Digital

This company provides training in digital marketing and big data. They are founded by IIT and IIM alumni. Many of the trainers for this programs are also IIT graduates. Simply Digital is based out of Delhi, you can find further details about their exact location on their website.

Digital Marketing Courses in India

Overall they provide 80 hours worth of training. 74 hours out of this duration is spent on the pre-designed curriculum that covers key digital marketing topics that most of the other institutes cover as well. The last 6 hours are left open for specialization based on whether you’re an entrepreneur or a student. You can opt to pursue this program either in classroom or via video lectures.

Personally, apart from the fact that many of the trainers are IIT graduates, I failed to to see any key differentiation available in this program in terms of curriculum or placements.

Fees: 38,500 All Inclusive

9. Digi Gyan

The reason why Digi Gyan makes it to the list is because their course is certified by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). IAMAI is a respected Indian body for internet and mobile data research. Digi Gyan is based out of New Delhi. This is the link to get more information on their course.

Digital Marketing Courses

In relation to basic digital marketing training they offer:

  • Digital Marketing Certificate Course
  • Digital Marketing Advanced Professional Certificate Course (DMAPCC)

You can choose among the three modes of lecture delivery to you:

  • Classroom training
  • Live online training
  • Online self-study

As far as curriculum is concerned, their program structure contains 22 modules. This is among the highest number of modules I have encountered among all digital marketing courses in India. However, more modules does not automatically mean a better curriculum. Although, it is indicating to a greater value for the fees you spend with them and deeper focus on each topic.

Fees (for DMAPCC):

  • Classroom: Rs.24,400 + taxes
  • Live online: Rs.19,400 + taxes
  • Self-study: Rs.7400 + taxes

10. Digital Nest

As a final inclusion in this list is Digi Nest, which is a digital marketing course in Hyderabad. They offer classroom training as well as online sessions, so you can sign up with them even if you are not based out of Hyderabad. After having a look at their curriculum I am underwhelmed by the depth of their syllabus. I feel it is a bit superficial and only scratches the surface of certain key topics. In case you are interested, details can be found here.

Digital Marketing Courses in India

The total course duration offered is 48 hours in weekday or weekend classes if you choose the classroom training. In case of online training, the total course will last about two months on weekdays. The syllabus for both the formats is the same. I would least recommend this course because the fees is quite high or comparable to certain other courses which delivery a higher quality of digital marketing training. Therefore, you might as well choose them.


  • Classroom: Rs.49,000
  • Online Training: Rs.35,000


I wish you best of luck in your research for the best digital marketing course for yourself. India has become a huge market for digital marketing training. This has caused new companies opening up to offer these courses every day and you need to be very careful while picking an institute. Hopefully, my article will help you to make a better decision. Let me know if any questions.

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