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5 Key Tips to Build an Engaged Facebook Page Audience

Every business wants to build an engaged Facebook page audience that is big and vibrant. Facebook has changed how customers communicate with a brand. It has become a great platform for new brands to create a presence and be seen by their potential customers, create a favorable brand opinion among their target audience and provide customers a chance to share feedback or suggestions.

Moreover, with your Facebook page you can exponentially grow your audience and have your brand message reach many new eyes, thanks to the Like and Share feature. As a business, it is imperative to have a strong plan of action for your Facebook page. A thriving Facebook page audience can be great ambassadors of your brand and can reflect positively on the bottom line. I also recommend reading ten ways to grow Facebook Page without ads.

In my experience of growing Facebook page audience for prominent ecommerce websites in India, one a fashion brand and another a health brand to over a million and half a million fans respectively, I have been able to gather some essential elements that you need to practice while maintaining a Facebook page.

Build an Engaged Facebook Page Audience

I can assure you that implementing these 5 critical elements I have used every time I have had to build a Facebook audience will work wonders for your business as well.

Deliver valuable content

The first and foremost factor to build an engaged Facebook page audience is to update your page with a stream of entertaining and valuable content. However, post content that is related to your business and what your existing as well as potential customers will enjoy, remember Facebook can help you reach new eyes with every update – so keep a very visionary outlook while updating your Facebook page.

Here are some tips on posting content:

  • Post content that solves some common doubts that your customers have about the business or industry. Also, try providing tips and tricks, industry updates etc. (For example, a fashion ecommerce company can get a wildly successfully content by posting about “5  dressing tips to look slimmer” – so now you have an idea what I mean).  Be regular with such kinds of post and you will see that your audience is sharing it and pulling in even more fans to the page.
  • Keep trying new content to see what works (for the Health ecommerce company that I worked with, I was able to figure out that posting bodybuilders pictures generated the highest engagement in terms of Likes, Shares and Comments – 10 times of what I saw on other posts I made). So you need to zero in on your golden Hen and use it wisely.
  • Always be a resource which is up-to-date. Be sure to post trending news related to your business and you can get a ride on the wave (a celebrity bodybuilder was visiting India and the update by the Health ecommerce company on its Facebook page was useful to their audience as well as brought in a lot of engagement).

Utilize high-quality images

Using high-quality images is one of the most over looked aspects by a business who run their Facebook page. Facebook is all about good, appealing photographs, that is how the news feed is designed. So if your business cannot use creatives that make the users want to stop scrolling and look at your communication, then it is very hard to engage or grow your Facebook page audience.

Here are some tips to ensure your creatives are the best:

  • Always use PNG format for your image. Refer to the Facebook image size guide to ensure you are using the recommended image sizes while making your status updates.
  • Try sprucing your images by adding filter using Instagram or any other service that offer an array of filters for your images.
  • Use a free image source that will provide you with high-quality photos without the issues of a copyright. Examples of such services online at Dreamstime.com, Freeimages.com and more that a simple Google search will yield.
  • Finally, test all kinds of images to see what resonates the best with your audience and gives you the maximum engagement. In my personally experience, fashion and beauty Facebook pages that used a black background in their images generated a significantly higher user engagement.

Reward your Facebook page audience

Running regular contests is another really good technique that I have used to have a vibrant Facebook page audience which is responsive and actively engaging with my brand. While some users on Facebook would be quite easily attracted to like your page and become a part of the community, you may need to increase the threshold for acquiring some of the other users. For these users, running contests and give-away’s has turned out to be very effective.

Depending on the size of the business, you may want to offer a huge giveaway or you can hold a small contest with a much lesser gift value. The fact of the matter is that incentives are a great way to pull in new users to your audience and also to keep your existing fans sticking to the page, by showing the possibility of freebies. One would have to admit, each one of us loves free stuff.

Some example of contests that can be run on your Facebook page:

  • Share and Win: A contest wherein a lucky user is given free merchandise for sharing the contest post. You get more reach because of the shares users do and you just have to select one luck one winner. Your Return-on-investment can be very high.
  • Fill in the blanks: Another easy and popular contest that you can hold. It is important to note that if your contest is too time consuming, people won’t enter even with a freebie. It should be an easy and straight-forward task to take part.

Connect at a personal level

Even though you are running the Facebook page as a brand, it is important to connect with your Facebook page audience at a very personal level. This really is the magic sauce to build Facebook communities that thrive and survive.

It is a wise move to allocate a human resource who will monitor and respond to all your user comments on the posts, page as well as your message inbox. This person should be trained to communicate in your brand language. For example, an admin for bodybuilding supplements page will have a different conversation tone compared to say, a Facebook page for beauty products.

An audience that knows they have a say and are heard by the brand will always stay emotionally connected with it. A page that is aloof and just keeps pushing updates will soon lose audience interest. So keep an open channel of communication and be sure to respond to sensible comments and engage in genuine interactions.

Track and Learn Audience Behavior

A very good practice while building your audience is to track their behavior with your page. I always kept a keen eye to learn the following things about my Facebook page audience:

  • What time I get the maximum engagement for my updates (it was usually on posts I made Post-7 PM).
  • What type of posts typically do well (case in point – Do I get more likes when I share an image with a handbag or do dresses do better).
  • What is the number of posts I should make in a day.
  • Who are the users in my audience pool who generally share my post.

From the above you can get a fair idea on what sort of questions you should ask of yourself as a business that is building an engaged Facebook audience.

And more recently, I have concrete data points to tailor my content for my audience – thanks to the new Facebook insights. Insights gives me demographic, gender and age data for my Facebook page fans. Also, it provides me with a comprehensive analysis for the performance of each post and how many people saw it. Additionally, I keep a check on days where I get a lot of new likes and un-likes. These are just a few of the things you can track via Facebook insights, there are tons of other data analytic that you can perform using this tool provided by Facebook.


In conclusion, remember that all good things take time to be built. A big Facebook page audience is no different. Also, it is important to realize that it is always quality over quantity. It is very easy to get a lot of cheap or fake likes on a platform like Facebook, however, these are not fans who will even follow what you have to share, let alone make a purchase. Therefore, grow your audience gradually, but ensure they are genuine people who will be open to engaging with what your brand has to offer.

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