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What is Facebook Reach and Frequency Campaign

Facebook Reach and Frequency campaigns are an effective campaign type on the platform to buy a guaranteed frequency within your target audience. The product managers at Facebook had rolled out this campaign type in Beta, back in November 2014 and was made available to all advertisers by January 2015. R & F is an interesting campaign type that allows… Read More »

What is the Average CTR of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad CTR primarily depends on what you’re promoting. To give you an idea on what is the average CTR of Facebook ads (year 2014) it is important to look at the CTR across different types of Facebook ad formats. For example, the average CTR of a Facebook ad on a Mobile Device is almost twice that of… Read More »

How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost in India

While the cost depends on your requirements and objective. Here is an overview on the Facebook advertising cost in India. To understand this, you need to learn how Facebook charges you when you advertise through them. There are many businesses and individuals profiting from the reach and return-of-investment offered by Facebook ads. However, at the… Read More »