Creating a Landing Page

Creating a Landing Page for an Ad

Creating a landing page is the first step you take before creating an ad. You decide where the people should land once they click on your ad.  It is very important that the landing page you create is highly relevant and matches what you say in your advertisement. If you have an ad that says ‘T-shirts for Sale’, the people clicking on the ad should be taken to a page that has T-shirts that are on sale. This way visitors who came looking for T-shirts that were on sale will be able to see what the advertisement said is reflected on the page and hence, you have set up better probability for the user to make a purchase decision.

Imagine, I am browsing Facebook, my eye catches an ad that says “Shop for Game of Thrones T-shirt”, being a big Game of Thrones fan I click on the ad and I land on their website where all I can see are plain t-shirts with no t-shirts that have anything to do with Game of Thrones – I will never purchase. And I will also sub-consciously keep in my mind never to visit their website again because their advertisements lie!

As a digital marketer, it is very important you don’t piss off people with poor landing pages. Only mention in your ad what you have. While over-the-top ads like ‘FLAT 50% Off’ seem attractive, they will not convert if your landing page does not back it up.

Along with creating a relevant link, you also need to add an UTM parameter that will allow you to track how users behave once they land on the website. Visitor behaviour is tracked using a tool called Google Analytics (Read more about it here).

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A UTM tag is very important and you need to apply it whenever you are creating a landing page. It is the single most important thing you should learn as an aspiring digital marketer or blogger.