5 Ways to Apply Creativity in Digital Marketing

By | 8 September, 2016

It is easy to get tangled with data analysis but creativity in digital marketing can have a profound impact on your return on investment. Digital marketing is as much about enjoying the creative aspect of marketing as it is the data oriented portion. The web has become extremely crowded. Businesses of all sizes are now advertising on the internet. Google Adwords and Facebook ads have leveled the playing field. Businesses with a marketing budget as small as $100 a month can show up on your Google search ads or Facebook timeline ads.

If you look at your Facebook timeline, its a mess. Your users attention is not only being stolen by competitors who are trying to outsell you, its every friends update, every viral story and the Facebook pages they follow. Given the limited attention span of a user (consider yourself), how do you stick out as a business in such a busy timeline. This is why creativity in digital marketing is important. Digital marketing is not just about slapping an add on to the face of the web. It involves creating a campaign that is visually engaging, emotionally outstanding and yet business relevant.

Creativity in digital marketing is not restricted to beautiful ad images or interesting ad copies. It is also about the concept of the ad itself. It is also about the audience that you decide to target for running the ad. A digital marketer is lucky because his dimensions of creativity are not purely limited to aesthetics of his advertisement.

Tips to apply creativity in digital marketing

While creativity cannot be taught in my opinion, I can definitely try to inspire you enough to put your mind on the correct track. Utilizing this article I hope you can look at avenues in digital marketing where you can spend time thinking of making your campaign more effective.

Ad Creatives

Ad creatives are the lowest hanging fruits to implement some creative ideas. The imagery and the text which you use on your ad image can really be a game changer. Invest in a good branding of your images. Make sure that all your ad images seem like they are from the same business.

Pro tip: Use images that are personal and not cheesy, don’t use stock images. Make it a point to create ad image as close to what you would like to click personally. A product with the price mentioned next to it does not make it appealing. You want to use a nice tagline that grabs the attention of the readers. The ad creative should look sophisticated in design and offer an elegant appeal for users.


Another aspect to implement creativity in digital marketing is in the offers that you give customers. x% discount ads are very common on the internet. You would be used to receiving emails that offer you x% of discount on a category or product innumerate number of times. As long as you are ready to mark down the price of the product to drive more sales you should look at ways to leverage it. Here is where creativity helps!

Pro tip: Try to come up with interesting offers to present to your customers. Instead of 50% discount, maybe a “Buy 1 Get 1 free” kind of an offer might appeal more to the users. Instead of simply giving users a discount coupon code, as a digital marketer you can try to make the coupon code seem more exclusive. Try offering it to select customers who have done “x” action on your website.


Another area where digital marketers can adopt creativity in their digital marketing efforts is while framing contest and customer engagement campaigns. In my opinion all contests are a product of creativity. If you Google “Contest Ideas” you will be flooded with different ideas for a contest on the various platforms.

Pro tip: The key of a good contest is a good giveaway. A good giveaway might not necessarily mean giving away a lot of free shopping credits. Some other good giveaways to a contest could be featuring the winner on your Facebook page, allowing them to visit your company or offering them a chance to experience premium services that your company might be offering. Also, a contest should try to leverage the viral factor and make sure that it spreads your business awareness to a new audience pool and not just your existing customers or subscribers.


If you’re surprised to see this here under the creativity column, don’t be. One of the best ways for digital marketers to exercise their creativity is with data. Utilizing data creatively can allow you to harness your digital marketing channels more effectively. Especially, creative data mining for your email lists, re-marketing audience and a user’s website behavior data.

Pro tip: When you perform email marketing, do not just send a blanket email to every one of your users. Spend time in slicing and dicing your audience. Categorize them into high-spenders, low-spender and never shopped. Design your daily emails to each of these audience clusters separately. You can also attempt to cross-sell. If a customer usually only shops from one category, try to send them emails from a different one. The same goes for paid ads, especially re-marketing where there is ample potential to be creative in how you reach out to them.


The words on your ads, website and social media is your brand talking to potential customers. The first thing you want to decide is the voice and character your company wants to portray. Is it funny, professional, funky – whatever its, once you decide you have to stick with it. Voice consistency is key for branding. Interesting content can improve the stickiness of your website, improve CTR of your ads and get you more fans on social media.

Pro tip: Content is not just written words, it is also the images. If you can make your product images interesting to look at, write a product description that is more personal it can really benefit the conversion rates on your website. The same goes for online ads, the key is writing words which will really resonate with the user and doesn’t seem pushy to buy a product or service.


Creativity in Digital MarketingCreativity matters, especially if you’re a small business trying to grab attention and squeeze maximum value out of your advertising dollars. While you perform intense data analysis for improving the efficiency of your ads, you might want to spend a few minutes on reflecting if it can be made more creative as well. After all, this blend of left and right brain skills is what makes digital marketing such a sought after career!

Hope you enjoyed the article and have some new perspectives to reflect upon.

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