Beginning: Cult of Digital

First things first, yes, we stole the name from Cult of Mac. With that out of the way, Cult of Digital is a digital marketing blog and how to get your business online.

We cover two main themes:

Helping Digital Marketers

Digital marketing is quickly overcoming traditional marketing media. It is one of the biggest changes that will happen in the Information Technology sector. For the fast moving, this site will be the one-stop for all the tips, tricks and latest news in digital marketing.

Helping Businesses Get Online

Ecommerce is booming. More people are online than ever and its a great thing. If you are a business owner who runs a regular brick and mortar business, then it is about to time you realize how important it is that your store has a solid online presence. Even more, how it can be much more profitable online.

Eventually, we hope to start a forum that connect digital marketers across the world. While this is the first post, which no one usually ends up reading, we are sure reading you were just drilling deep into our beginnings!

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

― Plato, The Republic

Welcome to Cult of Digital.

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