30 Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers for Download

New collection of cute Whatsapp wallpapers for 2018. You can download them for free in HD quality from this website and use it as a background for your Whatsapp chats. Explore attractive wallpapers for Whatsapp with cats, pandas as well as popular cartoon characters such as The Simpsons and the Minions.  There are different themes such as animals, loves, quote and even food in this collection of backgrounds for Whatsapp chat. Enjoy exciting color choices such as pink, green, yellow and blue. Each The default wallpaper can become quite boring after some time and its a great idea to use fresh backgrounds to enjoy your messaging experience even more! These wallpapers will work well regardless of an Android or iPhone.

Download Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers HD

Cats are an evergreen source of cute wallpapers. The first one here is a cute cat with a romantic couple silhouetting as the legs of the cat.

Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers 2018

Another cute cat wallpaper for Whatsapp. This one has green eyes.

Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers 2018

The wallpaper below is both cute and motivational. Dedicated to all those secret superheroes getting through life.

Cute Whatsapp Chat Background 2018

There is nothing cuter than a Panda! So this 2018 collection of cute Whatsapp wallpapers includes a Panda with pink blushing cheeks.

Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers 2018

If you are a Minions fan, then you will love this new Whatsapp wallpaper.

Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers HD

Whatsapp Wallpaper in HD quality with the popular Pokemon characters. Find Charmander, Bulbosaur and even Squirtle. A must have for all those who enjoy Pokemon.

Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers HD

Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick pose together for this funny and cute Whatsapp Wallpaper (HD quality).

Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers 2018

Love and romance Whatsapp chat backgrounds for download.
Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers HD

No collection of cute wallpapers for Whatsapp can be complete without a puppy. Use this adorable image as your Whatsapp background to melt your heart every time you chat.Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers HD

Another great Spongebob wallpaper for Whatsapp. I am personally a big fan of this cartoon series and love to use them for my background for chats.Cute Whatsapp Chat Background

Pink Hello Kitty Whatsapp wallpapers. These cute backgrounds for Whatsapp with a pink bow on the head is among the most popular Hello Kitty images.
Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers Download

Why would you stop at just one Hello Kitty wallpaper? Here is another option available for download for your Whatsapp background. It is perfect for those who like the pink color.

Whatsapp Wallpapers cute HD

Whatsapp wallpaper showing a couple kissing. Download this cute romantic wallpapers for your use in 2018.Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers Free

Pandas are cute of course, but so are Koalas. Use this whatsapp wallpaper with adorable Koala bears and hearts across the black background.Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers Free

Who knew light bulbs could be made to look so cute. Notice the smiling expression as well as the heart shapes inside the bulbs. Totally great addition to your collection of cute Whatsapp wallpapers.

Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers HD

The Minions are among the cutest animation creation in the last few years. So if you are looking for cute backgrounds for Whatsapp chats, then I suggest the below is a good option.

Whatsapp Wallpapers cute 2018

Get a flashback of your childhood in 2018 with this Powerpuff Girls Whatsapp wallpaper. It is in HD quality and will look great as your background.Whatsapp Wallpapers cute 2018

Another cute Whatsapp wallpaper for download. Animated character in blue color.

Whatsapp Wallpapers cute 2018

This Whatsapp wallpaper uses many different colors of this cute animated character. It is a mixture of purple, pink, blue and green color.

Cute Wallpapers for Whatsapp

A bright yellow Whatsapp Wallpaper of Spongebob Squarepants. It is available in HD quality for download.

Cute Wallpapers for Whatsapp

You will love this wallpaper if you are a Simpsons fan. Homer Simpson with his famous beer belly for your chat background on Whatsapp.

Cute Whatsapp Chat Background Wallpaper

A cute puppy to brighten your day any time you open Whatsapp.

Cute Whatsapp Wallpaper HD

A pug wallpaper. It is cute because of the gangster gold chain that it wears along with its innocent expression.

Cute Whatsapp Chat Background

Pikachu is among the most popular cartoon characters in the world. Here is a wallpaper of him and a Pok’e’ball.Cute Whatsapp Chat Background

Wallpaper with abundant smiling hearts with a pink background and bold black linings. Perfect for romantic and love vibes.
Cute Whatsapp Chat Background

Enjoy this funny Whatsapp wallpaper of Batman and Robin. Did you ever imagine to see them ride a bicycle like this.

Download Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers

Love them or hate them, macroons look delicious. And they look even better if they have cute smiling expressions, get this wallpaper for Whatsapp now.

Free Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers 2018

After macroons, enjoy these naughty and cute expression on animated strawberries. This wallpaper uses a pink background.

Whatsapp Wallpapers Cute

I am not certain if these animated symbols are simply of a bat or for a Batman. Regardless, they looked great to me and I would recommend them for download as your chat background on Whatsapp.

Cute Whatsapp Chat Background

Starry, pink and cute kids playing with dolls. It doesn’t get any cuter than this!

Cute Whatsapp Chat Background

A pink piggy to brighten up your screen. Notice how innocent are the eyes and the snout is very cute look at.Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers HD

Animated teddy bear Whatsapp wallpaper for download in HD.

Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers HD

A wallpaper with a pink background and black puppy dotted across the image.

Cute Whatsapp Wallpapers 2018

Hope you found this collection of cute Whatsapp wallpapers useful. You can use these HD quality backgrounds for free. There are wide variation in cartoons, animation and cute animals offered in this list. This rare list will help you show off your wallpaper to your friends and earn their admiration.