5 Free Email Marketing Tools to Boost Conversions

If you are unsatisfied by the conversions from your email campaigns, then consider looking at these free email marketing tools to become more effective. Email marketing is critical because its your best source for repeat purchases from your past customers as well as encouraging registered users to shop for the first time. Increasingly, email marketers are having to struggle with low open-rates and even lesser click-through-rates due to crowding. Your consumer’s attention has been split due to the vast number of promotional emails that now flood their inbox.

Without further ado, here are the five effective free tools for email marketing that I recommend:

1. The Hemingway App

In my experience in working with copywriters at my e-commerce firm, I have repeatedly found that they get carried away by verbose and flowery language in the content for emails. The truth is that most email marketing campaigns have words, terminologies and sentence structure which are hard for customers to read quickly as well as comprehend.

Free Email Marketing Tools

Many of you may not even be realizing this as an issue with your campaigns because of the curse of knowledge. To you, the content might seem simple and easily comprehensible. However, to an average customer it might not be the case. Via using the The Hemingway App you get clear insights into how easy your email content is to read. It is among the most useful free email marketing tools which I have encountered and highly recommend it. The idea is to keep things as simple as possible for your customer so they can focus more on buying than reading. They have also recently launched the desktop version of the app. Access it here.

2. MailChimp

After you decide on a simple and easy to read content, another critical aspect is to ensure that your customers open your email. For this reason, having a strong subject line is important. If your subject line isn’t delicious enough, then customers won’t open your email at all. Fortunately, we have a solution to it. If you use MailChimp, you’re probably already aware of this free email marketing tool that they offer.

Free Email Marketing Tools

Since MailChimp boasts of a customer database of 15 million and serve millions of email campaigns every day to this set, they have data on what subject lines are effective and which are not. MailChimp calls it the Subject Line Researcher. By using this tool, you are recommended phrases and words that will help boost open rate for your emails. You can begin using it here.

3. Scope

Have you ever received an email from your competitor and wonder what the code behind it was? The code is the magic sauce which forms the structure and impact of the email. If you are a digital marketer like me, you probably know basic HTML and don’t want to waste time behind the technology team to get them to decode an email for you. To your rescue comes Scope, this free email marketing tool helps you X-ray any promotional email you feed and gives you the coding for it.

Free Email Marketing Tools

In addition, with this tool you can be more effective at work because sharing your email desktop preview and mobile preview is a piece of cake using the Scope tool. You can access Litmus Scope here.

4. Sublime Text

As a digital marketer, you’re probably not just handling email marketing campaigns. There are hundreds of other Facebook and Google Adwords campaign running a riot in the background. But what happens when you receive the code for your urgent email campaign, but you need some tweaks. Sure, you can run back to the guy who wrote it but its time consuming. Therefore, free email marketing tools such as Sublime Text help you quickly tweak the codes you need. You can find the Sublime Text tool here.

Free Email Marketing Tools

This is a great tool because it allows you the creative experimentation of your email format. Open the code using Sublime Text in the browser and you can view the effect of your edits in your browser in real time!

5. Google Analytics URL Builder

Most e-commerce and internet firms that do paid advertising or email marketing use Google Analytics to track their visitors, conversions, bounce rate etc. The last among this list of free email marketing tools is a URL builder to add UTM tracking. By using this tool, you can tag all the links and easily track traffic conversions from different email campaigns in your GA dashboard. Find the tool here.

Free Email Marketing Tools

Pro-tip: This tool needn’t be restricted to only email marketing campaigns, if you use Facebook advertising, then you probably need a ton of links that are tagged with Google Analytics UTM sources. If you type them down manually, it surely must be an exhausting task. Save yourself time with this tool.


The idea for using these free email marketing tools is to help you become more efficient, self-reliant as an email marketer. By incorporating these tools, it helps you to quickly work independently as well as collaborate working on emails better.