10 Fast Ways to Grow Facebook Page Without Ads

Are you looking to grow your Facebook page audience? Here are the most effective tips to grow Facebook page audience fast and organically, without ads. In my professional experience of growing Facebook audiences for ecommerce players, I have come across handy techniques to help you fast track the number of likes your page gets organically.

Unlike many big brands, most start-ups and small businesses may not have the funds to use Facebook advertising to create a community. They must rely on organic techniques to get more Facebook likes. However, because of the declining Facebook reach, it has steadily become harder for businesses to show up more on a users news feed and eventually getting a like.

That being said, there are businesses that are still working only organically to grow their fan base and become popular pages on Facebook.

Tips to Grow Facebook Page Audience

Some ways to build an audience for your brand are:

  1. Use Facebook advertising and spend dollars
  2. Get off Facebook and Use Twitter or Google Plus
  3. Get better at driving organic growth on Facebook

The first bullet point is crossed out immediately in this post, since we are looking to grow Facebook page without ads. Second point would be a personal choice, however, very few social media platforms offer the same depth of engagement as Facebook. Finally, we could get better at growing a Facebook page organically and which is what we have discussed below.

1. Add a Like Box to your website

The is is the most basic step for any business to grow their Facebook page organically. Use a Facebook like box on your website. I have also implemented the same on this blog, you can observe the same to your right (Do be sure to Like, if you find this article useful). Doing so, you will get the highest quality of fans, since it is visitors to your website who have voluntarily chosen to be a part of your community by liking your page.

To add a like box to your website, simply visit the Facebook developers web page. You will be given a code that you can simply insert in to your website. You will have an option to choose among HTML5, XFBML, iFrame or URL.

2. Add Facebook to your email signature

As a business, you may be sending a lot of emails over the course of a week. If you have a customer representative, he or she might also be providing a lot of support and answering queries via email. Therefore, you can add a very good channel of getting Facebook likes from new users by adding your Facebook page address in the email signature.

Most email services have an easy way to edit your email signature to include important links and text.

Grow Facebook Page

3. Piggy-back on viral content

As a business, you don’t need to create viral content to grow Facebook page audience, although if you do, more power to you. If you can share existing viral content to your fans, they may share it with their friends and give your Facebook page a reach to new users and potential fans. Sharing existing content will make you more efficient. In internet culture, the “90–9–1” rule states that for websites where users can both create and edit content, 1% of people create content, 9% edit or modify that content, and 90% view the content without contributing. Be it Youtube or Facebook, very few users will create content, most businesses make use of existing content to grow their community. Below is an example of the page, Littleblackbookdelhi having posted a viral article and a user sharing the same.

Grow Facebook Audience

Of course, it is not advisable to share content which has no connection with your business domain. For example, if you are a travel website, share viral content related to travel.

4. Run contests

Too many websites recommend you to run a contest without realizing that most Facebook apps that allow you to run a Facebook contests are paid. One might as well spend the money on Facebook advertising and cut the chase. A more effective way is to run simple Facebook contest that do not require you to purchase a Facebook application and add a widget to your page.

Here below is an example of interesting, yet simple contests you can run to get more likes for your page as well as improve the general reach of your posts. Example: Describe the product in three words, the most creative entry wins the product.

Grow Facebook Page

Holding one to two contests a month is an ideal frequency. You can of course run more, but it should make economic sense and you should receive the return on investment either with a heightened user engagement or new Facebook likes to your page.

5. Make your users comment

Making your users comment or share is often a very effective way to increase your Facebook page audience. This is primarily because Facebook promotes your content to more users if there is a lot of engagement with it. Moreover, a share or a comment also shows up on the Facebook ticker feed to your right. To encourage your users to engage with your updates, make use of your status update by asking questions, feed back and thoughts from your users.

Grow Facebook Page

Above is an example of Bufferapp engaging their users by asking simple, yet enticing questions to garner more reach and consequently grow their audience. Also, note how responding and interacting with your audience is important to achieve your goals of a huge fan base.

6. Make your updates on Peak Hours

Realize the fact that to grow Facebook page organically, the impetus would have to come from your existing fans – which will snowball over time into a larger audience. So tap into your existing audience optimally, by sharing your great content at a time when most of your fans are accessing Facebook – so that it is shared, commented and liked to the best of its capacity.

To learn the peak hours for your page, access Facebook Insights.

Grow Facebook Audience

After studying the Facebook page insights for my page, I can see from the data that most of my users are online at 9 PM. Additionally, there are no days in the week where I see a sudden surge of users and hence, I should post on all days.

7. Comment on other pages as your Page

Another really good technique to grow Facebook page without ads is to comment on pages related to your domain as your page. This exposes you to the fans of that page who may have not heard about you. Also, by adding good comments, you can be considered a fair authority and gain trust.

Grow Facebook Page Tips

Essentially, as shown in the example above. You are using Facebook for business just as you would do personally. However, by commenting as a business page, when a user sees your comment, then he or she can click on the name and directly arrive at your page. While this may seem a tedious task, it is one that definitely pays off in the long run. Moreover, if you can add creative comments on pages that get a lot of likes, then your reply could go viral and you can receive many new Facebook page likes over the course of a day.

8. Run Joint Ventures with other Facebook pages

If there is an effective, free and quick way to grow your Facebook audience, then it has to be with a Joint venture with another popular page. It is a very symbiotic move as both pages will get exposure to a new set of audience. For example, if you are running a hot dog store with a Facebook Page, make a connection with the frozen yogurt parlor in the same city. Consider doing some Facebook cross-promotion and share each others posts with your audiences.

Grow Facebook Page

Above is an example of a co-operative Facebook audience growth strategy. This type of joint venture is a very effective way for two pages to grow their audiences. The only requirement being that the audience pool of both the pages should be similar, if not exact. To contact any page owner, you can directly drop a Facebook message at the page.

9. Be consistent to grow Facebook page

Facebook now allows you to schedule your posts, so there is no excuse to not have a content put up every day of the week. Create a content calendar to decide which type of post goes on which day. For example, you may want to run a contest a every Friday. This creates a sense of anticipation among your Facebook fans and eventually become a highly shared and like-generating page update for you. Also, pages that are not consistent will be disregarded by their fans. Therefore, when you do plan to grow your audience, it will be very hard for you to do so without the engagement from your existing audience.

10. Utilize your 404 page, Thank You page and more

Squeeze the complete potential out of drop pages such as 404 error pages, Order Confirmation pages, Subscription confirmation pages etc. By supplying a Facebook like button to your Order Confirmation page, you can tap into the customer’s excitement about his purchase. Additionally, like Amazon, you can also encourage him to share this checkout on his Facebook profile.  If you run a blog, then you could encourage users who have already opted in to your email subscriptions to like your page, either in the subscription confirmation page or the subscription confirmation email.

Grow Facebook Page

Grow Facebook page organically by optimizing the pages where users usually exit your website. Sending them off to your Facebook page is a great way to leverage this opportunity. Above is an example of a business growing their Facebook audience optimally.


As you can see it is not just advertisement that can give you the boost in likes which your business desires. Try implementing these effective organic growth techniques for your Facebook page. Do remember to always measure your result, as this will allow you to repeat what works more often and phase out post types, post timings etc. which do not work for your page.

In this post, you learned how you can grow your Facebook page. However, to sustain the growth, you should also keep the Facebook audience engaged. In an earlier article I have shared tips to build an engaged Facebook page audience.

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