8 Tips to Dramatically Increase Facebook Ad CTR

By | 13 September, 2016

Here are practical tips to increase Facebook Ad CTR and boost campaign efficiency. By increasing the CTR, Facebook rewards you with lower CPC. A lower CPC means that you generate more visitors to your website with the same campaign budget. Consequently even if you website conversion rate remains unchanged, due to higher number of visits, you will be able to drive more conversions.

CTR stands for Click-through-rate. To expand on it, the percentage of people who click your ad for every one thousand impressions (views) of your ad.

When it comes to Facebook advertising, CTR is a rather important digital marketing metric. Here is an article that explains why CTR is important in a bit more detail. But how do you know how what CTR is good or bad? For this, you can check out some benchmarks for average CTR of Facebook ads.

Tips to achieve high Facebook ad CTR

The tips here are not typical advice which you can find anywhere on the web, these are my personal tactics which I have utilized to increase clicks on Facebook ads drastically.

Choose a stark background color

One of the easiest hacks that I have discovered to increase Facebook ad CTR is to use a stark background color that pops out of the Facebook timeline. My favorite go-to color for a high CTR ad was using black background color for Facebook ad images. I would place text and images as an overlay to this black background.


Other colors that can quickly boost CTR are red, maroon, emerald, hot pink and so forth. Of course, the challenges that you might face are regarding the branding guidelines of the company if they approve the use of these colors in your creatives. However, I do think that black is a safe bet that any business should be comfortable with using.

Don’t use stock images

My advice honest from the heart if you want to increase Facebook ad CTR is – never use stock images! They look extremely phony and make your ad seem like spam. As long as you are using imagery on your Facebook creatives, ensure they’re clicked by yourself.

Improve Facebook Ad CTR

The beauty of Facebook is that they’re real people who are looking at friends pictures, viral stories and real world news. If your ad looks like a late night TV commercial with fake smiles and ideal settings, then you its not going to take off very well in terms of clicks.

Keep content short

Even before I dug out statistically data to show that using too much text on Facebook ads reduces CTR, I was able to observe this in my A/B tests. Ads where I used lesser text (especially for the headline/title) always had a higher CTR than when the title was very long.

Increase Facebook Ad CTR

As you can see from the data above, posts with lesser text on them tends to perform better. The same applies for the headline. Use headlines that are concise and to the point for a higher CTR.

Use discount stickers

I understand that mentioning discount on your ads will definitely lead to a higher CTR and its not a very revolutionary advice. However, it is often missed by many seasoned digital marketers who simply mention discounts in the text. The way you mention the discount using your ad image can lead to an even higher CTR for your Facebook ads.

Increase Facebook Ad CTR

Using discount stickers in a circle or only mentioning the discount percentage on the image without any additional text can help boost CTR.

Improved Call-to-Action

While Facebook has already integrated the option to include a Call to action (CTA) button in your ads, you can go a step further. CTA’s tell your users what action they should take from the ad they view. Do you want them to download a file, buy a product or register for an event.

Increase Facebook Ad CTR

My personal recommendation is to include a CTA within your ad image itself. For most users, the Facebook CTA button has already become somewhat of a blind spot and users suffer from ad blindness. By including a CTA button that uses a globally understood symbol for the particular action, you can effectively increase your Facebook ad CTR.

Utilize urgency

Using time-bound offers and limited quantity of items for sale is another way to drive users to click your ad.

Improve Facebook Ad CTR

The above ad is an example which utilizes the time constraint to push users for clicking the ad. Observe how the urgency has been highlighted in the ad creative as well as highlighted in the text area. Highly suggest you to run as many offers as possible utilizing the urgency of action.

Use product images instead of models

If only I could hold back my sneer every time someone mentions use smiling faces and people to create effective Facebook ads. Here is one tip that can help you really boost ad CTR on Facebook as well as improve conversions. If you are an ecommerce site selling clothes, shoes, watches, scarves or anything – use the product images. Do not use models using your products. I assure you that there will be a marked positive difference in the CTR you achieve.

How to increase Facebook ad CTR

In the example above, the creative on the left will perform better than the one on the right. Although, the one on the right is a pretty good creative as well because it utilizes models as well as product images. You might want to test out both types of ad creatives and see what works best.

Exclude repeat audience

This final tip to increase Facebook ad CTR has nothing to do with the ad creative. After you have perfected the creative from the above tips, you should next ensure that its new people who are seeing your ad. If its people who have already seen the ad then your CTR will not improve.

How to increase Facebook ad CTR

To do so, you can use radically different targeting by changing age or precise interests. Another more effective way that I use to boost CTR of my Facebook ads is to exclude audience who have visited my site in last 90 days, exclude transacted users and users who have signed up on my site. Doing so, I ensure that my ad is delivered to a very new set of users who haven’t see it before.


Applying all of the above tips in one single ad creative will be an awesome ad. For example, create an ad with a black background utilizing only product images, discount sticker, time urgency and exclude visitors who have clicked previously. Hope you found this post useful and let me know in case you have any further doubts.

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