Multi-Product Ads and Enhanced Custom Audiences by Facebook

Facebook is releasing exciting new updates, just after giving their sidebar ads a major change in dimension, Facebook is now rolling out multi-product ads and enhanced custom audiences.

A summary about the Facebook update is:

  1. Multi-product ads: Show up to three different products in a single ad unit while remarketing on Facebook- this is just like Google remarketing ads where a single ad unit can show up to six products.
  2. Enhanced Custom Audiences: Facebook has introduced major tweaks to their website custom audiences console, giving advertisers an opportunity to hyper retarget users to their website.

Multi-product Ads

This feature will be most useful for ecommerce sites who retail merchandise. Multi-product ads enable an advertiser to showcase three products within a single ad unit. Each product will have its own destination URL, image and ad description.

Multi Product Ads Facebook

You can make most of the Multi product ads by targeting users who visited your website but did not make a purchase. Combine the multi-product ad unit with the website custom audiences of users who visit your website and do not transact. Multi-product ads are available for advertisers around the world via Facebook PMDs (Preferred Marketing Developers) who have the Facebook ads API. Facebook’s native ad interface will get this multi-product ad unit by the end of 2014.

Enhanced Custom Audiences

Facebook has introduced major tweaks to their website custom audiences which will allow advertisers to reach out to non-transacting visitors with hyper retargeting. The improvements will allow you to reach out to users who have not visited your website in a certain period of time or just target those who have visited specific website pages on your site.

Enhanced Custom Audiences Facebook

You can also now build hyper-segmented custom audiences for different products listed on your website, along with a new ability for advertisers to target users based on past purchasing behavior.

Enhanced Custom Audiences Facebook

It is certain that online retailers and other businesses as well would see a phenomenal improvement in their results as well as cost per acquisition. I am certainly in love with these fantastic new updates that Facebook is bringing onto its platform. Facebook advertising has started becoming truly powerful and ROI-driven with these recent roll-outs. You can read about the official news shared by Facebook about these updates.

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