Top 5 Digital Marketing Blogs in India

This list of digital marketing blogs in India are portals that give you tips and trends of the industry. They cover relevant digital marketing topics. It was surprisingly hard for me to find relevant blogs that maintained the true spirit of digital marketing within their content. Most blogs I found specialized in any one aspect… Read More »

Average Salary Range for Digital Marketers in India

If you’re curious about the average salary of digital marketers in India then this post will provide useful information. Due to the huge demand in the market, digital marketing jobs also pay freshers well. For instance, a digital marketing manager typically earns INR 9,80,000 annually. Of course, there are exceptions where certain small-scale agencies and startups… Read More »

8 Tips to Dramatically Increase Facebook Ad CTR

Here are practical tips to increase Facebook Ad CTR and boost campaign efficiency. By increasing the CTR, Facebook rewards you with lower CPC. A lower CPC means that you generate more visitors to your website with the same campaign budget. Consequently even if you website conversion rate remains unchanged, due to higher number of visits, you… Read More »

5 Ways to Apply Creativity in Digital Marketing

It is easy to get tangled with data analysis but creativity in digital marketing can have a profound impact on your return on investment. Digital marketing is as much about enjoying the creative aspect of marketing as it is the data oriented portion. The web has become extremely crowded. Businesses of all sizes are now… Read More »

What is Cross-Border Ecommerce and its Impact

Cross-border ecommerce is a channel that allows online shoppers to buy foreign products and brands unavailable in their home country. Know everything about what it is in this article. In developing countries of Asia, especially China, consumer’s willingness to spend stemming from increased income levels have caused a surge in foreign product demands. These brands… Read More »