Top 5 Digital Marketing Blogs in India

By | 15 September, 2016

This list of digital marketing blogs in India are portals that give you tips and trends of the industry. They cover relevant digital marketing topics. It was surprisingly hard for me to find relevant blogs that maintained the true spirit of digital marketing within their content. Most blogs I found specialized in any one aspect of digital marketing. When I was writing this post, my hope was to list comprehensive blogs that cover digital marketing holistically. I would imagine that most digital marketers would definitely be blogging about their learning. So this has been a bit of a let down.

I also steered clear of blogs maintained by digital marketing agencies. This was for a few reasons. Firstly, their content strongly pushes the values of their agency which I believe is distracting and lacks a personal flavor. Secondly, I found some of the blogs maintained by agencies were heavily skewed towards talking about either social media or Google Adwords, with little or no emphasis on digital marketing as a subject. For example, there are no posts that these agency blog share which can help a fresher grow their digital marketing career.

This list has two blogs that are authored by digital agency owners, however, these are maintained as their personal diary to reflect and talk about various topics of digital marketing. There is no constant push towards their agency or services rendered.

List of Indian Digital Marketing Blogs

Sorav Jain

As the name suggests, this a blog maintained by Sorav Jain who founded of digital marketing firm Echovme. In addition, Sorav is also a digital marketing trainer who hosts sessions quite frequently every year.

Digital Marketing Blogs in India

The blog contains a great mix of paid media, social media, SEO and other aspects of digital marketing. In addition, there are news articles about recent changes to advertising products of the big companies such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google etc.

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Digital Deepak

Deepak Kanakaraju is an accomplished digital marketer who has built a good career for himself. He has experience in companies like Practo and Instamojo. Deepak has also proved his worth in blogging my successfully building and selling a blog he created called Like Sorav Jain, Deepak also provides online as well as offline training seminars for those interested in a career in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Blogs in India

His blog is a good resource for those interested in learning about digital marketing and considering it as a career option. Some of his popular articles include best digital marketing courses in India and tips on how to become a digital marketer.

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Lighthouse Insights

One of the oldest digital marketing blogs in my memory. They are primarily a social media case study platform which provides insights on social media campaigns by big brands in India. However, they are a good blog to follow because of the quality of research in their articles.

Recently, due to social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook etc. becoming a channel for paid digital marketing, Lighthouse Insights has started providing updates on their advertising technology.

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Social Samosa

Another blog similar to Lighthouse Insights. However, they do not have the research and case study oriented approach to articles. They are more about covering all latest campaigns and tips on how to improve your social media strategy.

They also host many social media workshops and seminars for professionals and companies that are interested in understanding how to leverage the every evolving social media landscape.

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Markigence is a blog written by Harsh Vardhan Dutta, who heads a digital marketing agency since 2010. Again, this blog does not work as a mouthpiece for his blog, or at least he doesn’t make it seem obvious. The reason why this blog makes it to the top digital marketing blogs in India is because of the extremely personal commentary Harsh has to offer for the marketing campaigns we see in India.

For example, one of his articles talks about the psychology of young consumers to attaching their self-esteem to expensive gadgets. Another one is a personal commentary on the evolution of the Instagram logo. Interesting stuff to read and analyze as a digital marketer.

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Personally, I realize that this is a rather short list. I am quite hopeful with the digital marketing buzz increasing in India there will be more digital marketers who take to blogs to share their knowledge. This post will be updated and edited as and when a new star blog emerges that covers digital marketing. I also hope that you find my blog a valuable resource to learn and grow as a digital marketer.

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