List of Top 10 Domain Name Registrars

By | 4 September, 2016

The list of biggest and best domain name registrar to buy cheap domains in the safest way. Get detailed pricing, reviews and ranking in this list. All of these domain name registrars accept Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card and some also offer Net banking payment option.

The ranking methodology used to list these domain name registrars is based on the volume of domain names they manage. It is listed from the registrar managing the highest number of domain names to the smallest.

Domain names are the identity of any online business. It’s a critical aspect of branding in this increasingly digital world. It is important to register your domain name at a safe and reputed registrar to avoid losing the domain name to hackers or competitors. The list of domain name registrars provided in this article are ICANN accredited. ICANN is an organization which is responsible for the secure operations of domain names on the web. Therefore, you should buy domain names at any of these registrars with confidence.

Although, the top domain name registrars are by American companies, it is interesting to see domain name registrars based out of emerging economies like India and China among this list. This shows the growing influence of Asia globally.

Here is a ranking snapshot of the top 10 domain name registrars and the domain names managed by them (Data updated as of May 2016):

Ranking Domain Name Registrar Website Domain Names Handled Country
1 Godaddy                                 53,602,539 US
2 eNom                                 12,004,338 US
3 Tucows                                    8,186,955 Canada
4 Network Solutions                                    6,512,231 US
5 1&1 Internet                                    5,782,789 Germany
6 HiChina                                    5,663,732 China
7 Directi Internet Solutions                                    5,126,146 India
8 eName                                    4,578,996 China
9 GMO Internet                                    4,286,146 Japan
10 Wild West Domains N/A                                    3,589,137 US

Biggest Domain Name Registrars

This is a more detailed information on the top domain name registrars with data about the number of domain names they are managing as of May 2016. You will also find the price of registering a .com domain name for a period of one year along with a link to purchase.

Domain Name Registrars - GoDaddy

GoDaddy (

No surprise here, GoDaddy with their massive advertising budget and Super Bowl advertisements has ensured a top spot in the domain registration industry. They handle over 50 million domain names for businesses, organizations and individuals globally. It is one of the oldest names in the internet industry and was founded in 1997, even before Google. They are a North American company.

The price to register a .com domain name for one year at GoDaddy is $9.99.

Domain names managed: 53.6 Million

Buy a domain name at GoDaddy.

Domain Name Registrars - NameCheap

eNom (

eNom is the second-largest ICANN accredited domain name registrar in the world. However, compared to GoDaddy they are smaller. They manage only about 12 million domain names, which is also not small buy any measure. This is especially great because they are not very big on marketing. Their growth is driven by quality products, reliable services and positive word of mouth. Many bloggers and internet entrepreneures, including myself prefer to purchase from Namecheap.

The price to buy a .com domain name is $9.99.

Domain names managed: 12 Million

Buy a domain name at Namecheap.

Domain Name Registrars - Hover

Tucows (

I am sure you would never heard a name such as Tucows. However, it is a parent company to the popular domain name registrar called Hover. It is a very customer-centric company which emphasizes on giving you total control over how you want to manage your domain name. They are very proactive to resolve domain name conflicts and have their own 24-hour Compliance Team to help you with any complications encountered.

The price of a .com domain name at Hover is $12.99.

Domain names managed: 8.1 Million

Buy a domain name at Hover.

Domain Name Registrars - Network Solutions

Network Solutions

Network Solutions is another North American company which is fourth biggest domain name registrar on the web. They offer other services such as web hosting, web design and email services. However, is their domain name registration business drives 90% of the revenue for their parent company

The price of .com domain name at Network Solution is $9.99.

Domain names managed: 6.5 Million

Buy a domain name at Network Solutions.

Domain Name Registrars - 1and1

1&1 Internet (

The only European company to make to this list of top domain name registrars. 1&1 is a German domain name and web hosting provider founded in 1998. Although they are among the biggest registrars on this list handling over 5 million domain names, they have poor customer reviews on the web. In the interest of customer reviews I would not recommend this company.

The price of .com domain name at 1&1 is $14.99.

Domain names managed: 5.7 Million

Buy a domain name at 1&1.

Domain Name Registrars - Netcn

HiChina (

HiChina is China’s biggest and most popular domain name registrar. Of course, HiChina is mostly used by Mainland Chinese for setting up their website. This means they sell more of .cn and domain name extensions over .com. HiChina manages similar volumes of domain names as 1&1 Internet company. price of a .com domain name is $10.

Domain names managed: 5.6 Million

Buy a domain name at

domain name registrars - bigrock

Directi (

Directi is the largest ICANN-accredited Indian domain name registrar and ranks seventh worldwide. They sell their domain names through the business division called Bigrock has become extremely popular for Indians to purchase their domain names due to the comfortable payment options and 24×7 customer support. The owners of Directi, the Turakia brother (Bhavin and Divyank), recently became billionaires when another one of their companies was acquired for $900 Million. Directi was founded in 1998 by Turakhia brothers, who were college dropouts.

Price of a .com domain name is $10.

Domain names managed: 5.1 Million

Buy a domain name at

Domain Name Registrars - eName

eName (

eName is a Chinese domain name registrar and they are the second Chinese company to be present in this list of top domain name providers. Their main business is auctioning premium domain names, however they are also a popular destinations for Chinese businesses and individuals to obtain a web presence identity.

I find that they are priced higher than their competitors. The price of a .com domain name at eName is $16.

Domain names managed: 4.5 Milion

Buy a domain name at

Domain Name Registrars - Onamae

GMO Internet (

This is another Asian domain name registrar on the list. GMO Internet is a Japanese ICANN-accredited registrar. They operate their domain selling business through Like their Asian counter-part in China, Onamae sells more of .jp domain extensions as compared to other popular TLDs.

Due to the lack of an English version of the website, you will find it quite difficult to purchase a domain name at Onamae. It is completely in Japanese.

Domain names managed: 4.2 Million

Buy a domain name at Onamae.

Domain Name Registrars - Wild West Domains

Wild West Domains

Wild West Domains do not own any big domain sales division. How this company operates is by allowing other smaller business and individuals to sell domains as a reseller. So when a person resells a domain from Wild West Domains, they receive a commission. Due to this Wild West Domains is very fragmented and is made of thousands of smaller domain name reselling companies. However, they have managed to just enter among the ten biggest domain name registrars even with this business model.

Domain names managed: 3.5 Million


I would personally recommend you to buy your domain name at Namecheap. Primarily because they have a very transparent pricing policy and do not up-sell you aggressively like its competitors. Their prices are extremely stable as I have been using them for over a half a decade now. In addition, they give a free WhoIS Guard(worth $2.88) for the first year on all new registrations!

Hope you find this post useful in your decision making for buying a domain name.

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