Top 5 Online News Websites in India (2015)

If you’re looking for the top online news websites in India, this list contains the top sites that cover politics, current affairs, news analysis and more. The online news sites in India have never had it better with the digital consumption of news increasing in Indian households. While all the major newspapers have their online edition, this post covers independent online news websites.

These online news websites not only cover topics about current news and politics but are also in the forefront in providing content for technology updates, gadget reviews, business analysis, culture and lifestyle in context of India. Also, the updates on these blogs are very analytical and provide you with a thoughtful perspective on news that matters in India and globally. Unlike traditional news outlets that publish only the news as and when it happens, the online news websites in India listed here provide a more in-depth and opinionated coverage which you can leverage to analyze news more closely.

List of Online News Websites in India

I personally believe that these five sites are going to be the leaders in this segment for 2015 and will be the most read online news websites in India this year.

1) Firstpost: Perhaps the first independent, web-only news website that got popular for providing news online. Firstpost is a part of the Network 18 media conglomerate. It provides a huge leap of improvement to the regular style of news consumption, by providing an analytical report on the latest news occuring in the country. Firstpost went live in January 2014. The Editor-in-chief for this online news website is R Jagannathan.

2) is a very innovative player among the online news websites in India. It collects the most reverberating and impactful news articles from around the web to collate it in one single place. This gives you a collection of thoroughly addictive news articles provided to you in an endless scroll format, one article after another – thereby making the reading experience really delightful. is an independent venture to provide news, entertainment updates and cultural analysis that reflect contemporary India. It is founded by Samir Patil, a MIT alumni, along with two other partners.

3) The Indian version of the popular news and opinion website Huffington Post based out of the US and founded by Arianna Huffington. The online news websites in the West have obviously figured out the great potential of their brand existence in India and APAC where digital consumption is on the rise with improved internet speed and deeper connectivity. They operate in the country through a tie-up with Times Group. Huffington Post India covers all the major news categories such as Business, Technology, Politics and Lifestyle.

4) Quartz: Along with Huffington Post, Quartz too has made a dash for a stake in the online news readership of India. Quartz, the US-based Atlantic Media’s popular online news brand launched in June, 2014. Since then, they have been able to rack up a very good readership audience. Quartz characterizes its news articles by being highly data-driven and graphically engaging through charts and maps. It is to be noted that Quartz and operate in collaboration, where is responsible for content and Quartz takes up monetization of the property.

5) YouthkiAwaaz: Last but not the least in the list of top online news websites in India is YouthkiAwaaz. Founded by Anshul Tewari, who serves as the Editor-in-chief. How Youthkiawaaz differentiates from other players is that this news website is highly contributor reliant, which means that many of its articles are actually written by freelance contributors. It began as a blog in the year 2008 and eventually grew it into repute. While still small in scale compared to the names above, it has certainly carved a niche for itself.


The online news website segment in India is going to be a very competitive market with many foreign media houses planning their entry into the country. Names like The Guardian, are very inclined to tap into the huge Indian market who are hungry for high-quality news and news analysis.

If you have not been to any of the top online news websites India listed above, I encourage you to have a look at them and you will be hooked on. They are delivering some really good content with many intelligent journalists with a great online user experience, giving traditional media houses a run for their money.


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