5 Unique Facebook Ads Targeting Tips

By | 4 June, 2015

Maximize the potential of Facebook ads. Use these unique Facebook ads targeting tips that many of you digital marketers may have not considered earlier. Over the last one year, the Facebook ad platform has evolved tremendously to allow advertisers to serve ads with higher audience precision, and also at the time of the day that a business may find fit.

Unique Facebook Ads Targeting Tips

1) Re-target visitors who have not converted

One of the first targeting capabilities that an advanced digital marketing professional should utilize on Facebook is to use Custom Audiences in conjunction of the Facebook Website custom audiences (WCA). WCA allows you to re-target users who visit specific pages on your website.

So first, you can upload the list of users to Facebook who have made a purchase on your website. Then, you must create a Facebook website custom audience of users who have visited your site in the last 60 or 30 days. Once you have these two lists set up, you can use the Facebook Inclusion and Exclusion targeting feature to show ads to users who have visited your website in the last “X” days, but exclude those who have made a purchase.

See illustration below:

Facebook ads targeting tips

Inclusion and Exclusion feature on Facebook.

This will allow you to avoid being repetitive to your converted users, thereby improving user experience. Also, it will improve the efficiency of your advertising costs since you will not waste impressions or clicks on users you have already converted.

2) Target Users Similar to Converted Users via an Ad

Of all the Facebook ads targeting tips, this effective technique to reach likely customers is less known. Do note that this similarity audience is different from the lookalike audience one creates from custom email lists you’ve uploaded and website custom audiences.

You can also create a lookalike audience of people who have earlier converted via your ads. To do this, head over to the Audiences section in your Facebook Ads Manager dashboard and select Lookalike Audience from the Create Audience drop-down menu. Finally, select the conversion pixel as the source.

See illustration below:

Facebook Ads Targeting Tips

By choosing to create a lookalike audience based on the conversion pixel, you can achieve a similar user base to the action that the conversion pixel records. Then you can further filter your target audience based on gender, age, interest as well as location. Please note that this targeting tip will be effective only when you use Conversion pixels on your other ads to track conversions.

3) Target Based on Network Connection & Smartphone Behaviour

Another idea among unique Facebook ads targeting tips is the use of the Behaviour targeting option on the Facebook Ads manager. Use this to target users based on the network connection that they utilize, such as 2G, 3G or Wi-Fi. This can be really useful in optimizing your conversion rate for Facebook ads on mobile. For example, you may see that your ad catering to Wi-Fi users is having a higher conversion rate than 2G or 3G. This could be because a Wi-Fi reflects a good purchase power and also due to it being a much more stable connection compared to the 2G or 3G network.

The Behaviors targeting option also allows you to target users based on Smartphone behaviours. For example, users who are Apple, Android or Windows phone users. Users who have recently purchased a new smartphone and so on. I encourage you to explore this in the Facebook ads manager console.

See illustration below:

Facebook Ads Targeting Tips

I would recommend using the above targeting in conjunction to your other targeting options such as Age, Gender, Location, Interest and/or Custom Audiences. Otherwise, these may become too broad and affect the efficiency of your ads.

4) Focus on People Online at Specific Times

If your customers are only online at certain times, such as midnight food delivery or busy professionals who only check early in the day; for this Facebook has introduced a feature to run ads on a schedule. This means each day, your ad will run only during the time that you specified while creating the ad.

This option was earlier only available on the Power editor, now you can find the same in the Facebook ads manager.

See illustration below:

Facebook Ads Targeting Tips

From the above illustration, it is understood that the advertiser has marked different time for each day of the week. The blue shaded region specifies the time that the ad would be live for his/her target audience.

Pro-tip: I have noticed that even for regular advertisers where potential customers are online round-the-clock (such as ecommerce websites), it is beneficial to run a few ads that are scheduled from 1 AM to 7 AM. This allows a guaranteed reach to those night owls, which you might otherwise miss with normal campaigns running on a daily budget.

5) Display Ads to Unique Users Only Each Day

Utilizing the Daily Unique Reach bidding method, you can guarantee that only users who have not seen your ad during the day see your ad. This is a great method to to run branding campaigns where the number of new eyes on your ad matters a lot. So if you reach a user once with a right column ad, your ad won’t be shown to them again that day, even within the news feed.

This bidding option is available via Power Editor as well as Facebook Ads manager.

See illustration below:

Facebook Ads Targeting Tips


Do note that this bidding type runs on a CPM bidding method, you will be charged each time an ad is shown to a user; they may or may not click on it. Also, Facebook focuses on new users to show the ad rather than showing it to users who have a probability of clicking on it.

Pro-tip: Since Facebook is no longer optimizing for clicks and works towards a higher volume of unique impressions, use this bidding option with a very focused audience set. A broad audience will result in great inefficiency, since it may show the ad to users who are not very likely to be interested in your message. Therefore, make use of small and focused targeting pools while use Daily Unique Reach.


I hope you get to try out these unique targeting methods soon and amaze your business with the results. The key is to split-test wisely while you try any of the above Facebook ads targeting tips to get the best results. Just one experiment may not be sufficient to conclude whether a particular target works for you or not.

How you tried any of the tips above? If yes, please share how it worked for you using the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “5 Unique Facebook Ads Targeting Tips

  1. shashidhar

    I would like to thank you for the information on your blog, its interesting and engaging.

    I have question regarding the location based targeting in facebook is it possible to promote a restaurant to the people who live within 2km radius of that restaurant?

    I got to know that the the advanced location based targeting works well in the US but in india it is a problem so i wanted to know your opinion before starting a campaign.

    1. Vivek Post author

      Yes, in India, Facebook’s location based targeting is still weak. You might have to reconsider your targeting approach.


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