Create Website Custom Audience Based on Time Spent by Users

Facebook has released a new feature where you can now target users who spent most time on the website using Website Custom Audiences. Earlier this feature to create an audience based on the time spent by users was only available through third-party Facebook ad managers.

A good reason why Facebook advertisers should be excited for the update is because website custom audiences now allow you to target a set of high potential users. The time spent by users is a good metric to gauge the level of interest they have with your business. As an example, suppose a retail store that is operating in a mall, the footfall that the store gets is a clear indication of interest by customers. Over and above, the time they spend browsing at the catalog is an even higher expression of interest. Unfortunately in the offline world, you can never target those lingering customers again if they don’t make a purchase. However on the internet, Facebook allows you to do so! Let’s see how to set it up for yourself in the Facebook ad manager.

Targeting based on time spent by users

Here is how you can set up a website custom audience using Facebook ad manager. Head over to create a custom audience.

Facebook Custom Audience Time by Users

Next you will be displayed with a screenshot as shown below. Choose “Website Traffic” because this is the category, which contains all the users interacting with the website. These are users which were tracked by the pixel.

Target users by Time Facebook custom audiences

Then you will be shown the screenshot as seen below. You would now find that there is an option to target users based on time spent on your website. Select this option.


Finally, you have to choose whether you want to choose the top 5%, 10% or 25% users based on the time they spent at your website.

Time Spent by Users Custom Audience

Please note that the most active based on time spent by users is relative to your own website and follows no other benchmarks. So if your site has a low traffic, it might make sense for you to target the Top 25% time spent by users as your website custom audience setting.

Finally, you can choose the time frame of this custom audience. Do you want most active users for 30 days or 180 days. Whatever, you decide on, finally click Create Audience. Once you wait for a few hours for the website custom audience to be ready, you can use to target those set of users for your Facebook ad next time.

I am personally very excited by this update and it can allow Facebook marketers to be extremely creative with how you target your website traffic. Some ways in which I would like to try this new targeting option are:

  • Target my top x% most active users and exclude all users who have completed a purchase to run conversion campaign
  • Run specific lead generation campaign for the most active users custom audience
  • Target an audience of all website visitors that exclude my most active users and send them to a more engaging landing page to get more users to engage with the site


I think this targeting option is better than the website custom audience which allows you to target users based on frequency of visits to your website. This is primarily because you would value a user who makes one visit for an hour rather than a visitor who has made ten visits of few seconds each.

Are you having trouble implementing this website custom audience? Do you think this will add value to your business vertical? Would love to hear from you!

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