What is eCPM

By | 1 July, 2014

eCPM stands for effective cost-per-mille (cost-per-thousand impressions), it is a term that many Adsense publisher come across routinely in their dashboard. eCPM although an effective metric for publishers to track which property is giving them the most revenue; it is also an important metric that advertisers can track to optimize their advertising campaigns.

A publisher can track eCPM to see which ad unit is giving him/her the most revenue.

How to calculate eCPM

eCPM is calculated by dividing total earnings by total number of impressions in thousands. Following is the formula for eCPM:

calculate ecpm

Example of using eCPM data

Suppose you are a publisher who is running two ad units on your website, ad unit X and Y. Now ad unit X receives 330 impressions and earns $3 for you, and ad unit Y receives 120 impressions and earns $1.4. To make both these figures comparable, since the impressions received on these ad units are skewed,we calculate the eCPM. Ad unit X has a eCPM of $9.09 and Y has an eCPM of $11.66.

Therefore, we can safely conclude that using ad unit Y, we would be earning more per thousand impressions i.e. $11.66 compared the $9.09 using the ad unit X. This is how the eCPM data become extremely useful and actionable for a publisher. The publisher can then consider using more ad units Y over ad units X in order to maximize his/her earnings.

What is eCPM

In corollary, eCPM is used by advertisers to measure there efficiency of display advertisements. It allows an advertiser to check the feasibility of running a display campaign depending on which is converting better. The campaign that provides the least eCPM and most conversions is obviously the most preferable choice for the advertiser.

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