Average CTR of Facebook Ads

What is the Average CTR of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad CTR primarily depends on what you’re promoting. To give you an idea on what is the average CTR of Facebook ads (year 2014) it is important to look at the CTR across different types of Facebook ad formats. For example, the average CTR of a Facebook ad on a Mobile Device is almost twice that of an ad on Desktop. Similarly, CTR will vary greatly within Desktop depending on whether they run on the right-hand side column or on the News feed.

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For many first time marketers on Facebook, it is a pleasant surprise when they see the CTRs in their advertising dashboard. After years of Google Advertising with CTR of 1% or lower, Facebook ads are a refreshing change. While the cost-per-click (CPC) are generally on the lower side for Facebook, by improving your CTR over the average you can achieve amazingly low CPC thereby allowing you to drive more website visitors for the same budget.

Factors that affect CTR of Facebook Ads

While I am going to provide a blanket number on the average CTR of Facebook ads, which I believe to be fairly accurate across industries and countries as long as the creative is appealing and the targeting is good – it will be a good idea to look at the factors that generally affect the CTR.

  • Location: Typically, Asian countries would give you a much higher CTR on your Facebook ads than let’s say a US targeted ad. This need not be a handicap of course, with good banners for your ad you can achieve very good click-through-rates for Western audiences as well, at par of the Asian counterparts.
  • Product/Service: The product or service you’re pitching can greatly affect the Facebook ad CTR. Again, the effect of this on your CTR can be mitigated with strong, relevant targeting. For example, if you’re selling Dog food, do your best to ensure that your ad is only showing to users who are genuinely interested in Dogs. If you do this, your CTRs will not be below average.
  • Gender: There could be a difference in CTR for the same product across two genders. Classic example is that of Lingerie ads on Facebook. A lingerie ad targeted at male audiences can fetch you a CTR almost 5X more than the same ad shown to female audience.

Platform-wise average CTR of Facebook Ads

Based on my experience running Facebook ads in 2014 through  March 2015, I would like to present to you the following numbers below as the average CTR of Facebook ads. These numbers can be used as a benchmark by all industries, across genders and  location. For each platform, I have provided on what is an average CTR, good CTR & bad CTR.

On Facebook Mobile News feed:

  • Good CTR is above 5%
  • Average CTR is 2.5 to 4%
  • Bad CTR is lesser than 2%

On Facebook Desktop News feed:

  • Good CTR is above 2%
  • Average CTR is 1.5%-2%
  • Bad CTR is lesser than 1%

On Facebook Right-Hand Side ads:

  • Good CTR is above 1%
  • Average CTR is 0.8%
  • Bad CTR is lesser than 0.5%

These are the average CTR of Facebook ads in the year 2014. There will be a marginal increment or decrease in these numbers in 2015-16 as Facebook works on its advertising products and more advertisers come on-board. You can consider these numbers to be reliable and try to achieve the best CTRs. Additionally, do note that when your ads have bad CTR it is best to shut them down immediately. If you see the CTR is poor in the first few hours of running your ad, do not expect it to improve over time – go back to the drawing board and work to improve your advertising banner or offering or targeting. Usually, fixing the ad banner itself will result in achieving the average CTR of Facebook ads for most players.

In conclusion, I would like to add that while CTR is an important metric for Facebook ads, it is not the success metric. Trying to compare your ad CTR to averages only shows how you compare to another average, but it still doesn’t tell you how your campaign performed. The campaign should ultimately make money for the company, if it does not do that then even the best CTRs are futile.

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  1. I’m researching what is the average cost per install on facebook and my problem is how can I scale up with my campaign to get the change of price.

    1. Hi Lisa, I do not quite understand your question. However, if you are looking to scale your mobile app install campaigns on Facebook, I suggest you to use “Automatically Optimize for Mobile App Installs” option on Facebook bidding.

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