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Whatsapp for Business Announced

Facebook-owned Whatsapp has finally decided to monetize the messaging app having a billion-plus users with Whatsapp for business. In what is the company’s first privacy policy update in four years, Whatsapp will share phone numbers with Facebook and allow businesses to message its users. The popular messaging app intends to test the new services by allowing businesses to send messages they currently send via SMS through Whatsapp. A user can expect to receive messages about account transactions from banks and updates from airlines on delayed flights, in the next few months.

In the announcement, Whatsapp tried to allay concerns against the loss of privacy of users and committed that Whatsapp still doesn’t track your message or meta-data on who you text often. The introduction for Whatsapp for business will not entail any banner ads or spam. This is the a part of official statement Whatsapp gave,

we want to explore ways for you to communicate with businesses that matter to you too, while still giving you an experience without third-party banner ads and spam.

Another aspect of sharing phone numbers with Facebook is to allow the social media platform to offer you accurate friend suggestions and make the advertisements shown to you on Facebook more relevant. It was known for a long time that when Facebook acquired this messaging app giant for $22 Billion, it would eventually have a find a way to monetize it. Whatsapp for business in the preliminary announcement seems a fairly elegant way to monetize this app without affecting user experience in a great way. Of course, post this announcement and the update of privacy policy, many users are still quite confused and upset with their data being sold to businesses. However, no business can directly link you to your number, but they can track you on basis of your online preferences.

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