50 Best HD Whatsapp Wallpapers

HD Whatsapp Wallpapers have become very popular to download these days. You can find high quality whatsapp background images for free in this post. They will look great on any device that you use Whatsapp such as Android, iPhone, Tablets or PC. Using a photo as a Whatsapp wallpaper can make your chats a more enjoyable experiencing. In this updated list of best HD Whatsapp wallpapers you can find images of many themes such as plain color, nature, attitude, motivational and stylish. Pick your favorite and download them for free at this site. One of the biggest reasons why users try to download a new Whatsapp wallpaper is to personalize their Whatsapp. The default plain green Whatsapp wallpaper can become quite monotonous after some time. Using Whatsapp is a very personal app to stay in touch with all your close friends and family. Therefore, it is an app where a person expresses their personality. It can be a lot of fun to use a wallpaper that you relate to and makes your chat background look more cool.

Apart from customizing your Whatsapp wallpaper, you can also download Whatsapp DP

Best HD Whatsapp Wallpapers

The first wallpaper is a beautiful photo taken of the aerial view of the sea. The sea is in a turquoise blue color and the motor boat is creating a whirlpool. Its a professional photograph that will surely impress anyone who sees your WA wallpaper.

Download this motivational Whatsapp wallpaper that inspires you to pursue your dreams to the sky.

City of blinding lights is a popular song by U2. You can relive the feeling with this wonderful wallpaper showing the modern city with all its lights.

Download this colorful HD Whatsapp wallpaper of heart-shaped candies with love messages.

If you love nature, then this is a beautiful Whatsapp wallpaper of dark clouds over a beautiful tree-lined pathway.

This HD Whatsapp wallpaper of a cat will make you melt. Its a cute cat with innocent eyes looking up at you. Using this as your wallpaper is sure to warm your heart every time you use Whatsapp to chat.


Blue colored flowers are so rare and beautiful. Make them yours by downloading this free Whatsapp wallpaper.

All that glitters is not gold is a popular idiom. But using this glittery image for your Whatsapp background can sure make your life more interesting.

If you are someone who likes vintage and retro designs then you will love this vintage themed Whatsapp wallpaper.

Macaroons are delicious and colorful. Use this colorful, vivid animated photo of Macaroons as your chat background and enjoy the positive vibes.

Another Whatsapp wallpaper with a cute cat with grey fur and yellow eyes. Tiny cats with a cute face are really adorable. This is a great choice for all the pet lovers.

A cracked screen can be quite heart breaking for many smartphone users. You can fool your friends using this wallpaper of a cracked screen as your background for Whatsapp chats.

A bohemian chic vintage wallpaper for those who like to go back in time. The colors and patterns of this wallpaper inspire you to take a walk down the memory lane.

Christmas is almost here and what better way to celebrate the Christmas spirit than with this cute Christmas cat. Cat is wearing a red Santa cap.

Animated Whatsapp wallpaper for Christmas with gingerbread man, stockings and candy.

For those who enjoy the majesty of beautiful architecture in big cities, this wallpaper is a great choice. In this photo, we see the downtown streets of Chicago.


Cyberpunk Whatsapp wallpaper HD for download. You can see the view of the city in neon lights while looking out of the window.

Shanghai is one of the world’s most modern cities and you can enjoy the famous bottle-opener building as your Whatsapp wallpaper.

Nature can relax your mind and senses. Download this free HD wallpaper of this beautiful forest.

High rise building going into the clouds. This is a popular photo that many users like to use as their Whatsapp wallpaper.

The Eiffel tower is a symbol of romance. However, in this HD Whatsapp wallpaper you can enjoy the black and white edition of the stylish Eiffel tower. A great choice as your background for interesting chats on Whatsapp.

Another wallpaper that promotes beautiful architecture of modern cities. Use this to inspire yourself.

Fallen Autumn leaves are a beautiful sight. Capture this magical moment as your Whatsapp wallpaper by downloading it for free in high-definition.

This animated Whatsapp wallpaper gives you a gentle reminder to be happy!

Whatsapp wallpapers with beautiful sunsets and sunrise. It is refreshing and energizing to use this photo as your background image.

Cool Whatsapp wallpaper of the Milky way galaxy and the million stars that are visible on clear night.

A really cool choice for Whatsapp wallpapers is this dream white-sand beach with coconut trees. This Whatsapp wallpaper will immediately relax you and give you motivation to work hard before your next tropical vacation.

Animate cute little hearts on a red wallpaper for download.

50 shades of pink. A cute Whatsapp wallpaper for girls.

A beautiful girl wearing a Hijab looks on to the sea. It is a wallpaper that gives of powerful emotion of sad and alone girls.

Emma Watson Whatsapp wallpaper HD download.

Emma Watson

Many Harry Potter fans and almost every boy loves Emma Watson. Download this amazing Whatsapp wallpaper of Emma Watson on your phone.

One of the most popular phrases from Snape from Harry Potter was “Always” which was quite emotional. Now you can use this as your Whatsapp wallpaper. Its a great choice for all Potterheads who are looking for Harry Potter wallpapers.

Add some scare to your Whatsapp background by using the deathly dementors image in your chat background.

Dumbledore is a beloved character from the Harry Potter series and now you can also download his photo as a Whatsapp wallpaper.

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter Whatsapp wallpaper.

Hogwarts was the school of magic that Harry Potter belonged to and the fantasy for everyone to attend. You can now show your support for Hogwarts by using the Hogwarts Whatsapp wallpaper.

I personally enjoy cool Whatsapp wallpapers of luxury cars. You can use this beautiful BMW photo on your Whatsapp background.

Orange Lamborghini to take the style of your Whatsapp chats to the next level.

Orange Lamborghini

Audi produces some really stylish cars. Now you can add style to your Whatsapp chats by using this HD photo as your wallpaper.

The Ford Mustang also known as the American muscle car. I am a big fan of Ford Mustang and Dodge Viper, and therefore often use these HD quality images as my Whatsapp wallpaper.

Captain America shield Whatsapp wallpaper. A great choice for super hero and comic fans.

The Iron Throne in Game of Thrones is quite popular. Now you can make it as your Whatsapp wallpaper by downloading it for free from this site.

Game of Thrones fans will love this wallpaper to use on their Whatsapp background. Winter is coming is a popular phrase used in this popular TV series.

A very simple motivational Whatsapp wallpaper that encourages you to be brave in the face of adversity. Download it for free. It is in HD image quality.

Lions are very powerful animals. This Whatsapp wallpaper delivers a very powerful message to Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish so as to achieve your goals and dreams.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the world’s most popular celebrities. Use this motivational Whatsapp wallpaper to remind yourself to work hard every day.

The Northern lights are one of nature’s marvels that is visible from the north pole. Many people travel exclusively to countries like Norway to watch the Northern lights. Indulge yourself in this magic of nature by using this photo of the Northern lights as your Whatsapp wallpaper.

Motivational Whatsapp wallpapers for download. Going to the gym for the perfect body requires a lot of dedication and effort. Remind yourself to stay inspired by using this photo.

Batman is an evergreen choice as a Whatsapp wallpaper for many people. Therefore, this last photo is the HD wallpaper of Batman for download.

In conclusion, all these are amazing HD Whatsapp wallpapers that can offer you the best experience while chatting with your friends and family. You have so many options to choose from so I suggest that you can change your Whatsapp wallpaper often to show a different background image. These HD photos are really easy to download. Just long press the image to save it to your mobile device.

Change Whatsapp Wallpaper In Android Phones

If you do not know how to change your Whatsapp wallpaper, follow these steps to upload a new background image for Whatsapp in Android phones:

  1. Press the Whatsapp app icon to open the app
  2. Once the app is open. You can choose to open the chat conversation with any user of your choice
  3. After you are in the chat window, press on the “three-dotted” icon at the top-right of your screen. This will cause a drop down menu to open.
  4. You will see “Wallpaper” in this drop down menu. Press this option. Then you will get suggestions to upload an image. You can choose to upload a Whatsapp wallpaper of your choice from the phone gallery
  5. Once you choose the image of your choice within the gallery, you can adjust the wallpaper by pinch and zoom. Finally, press “Set” which will appear in the bottom of your screen after you select an image from the gallery.

If you follow the above steps, you can now see the new Whatsapp wallpaper in your chat background. As you can see, it only takes a couple of minutes and it is really easy to change Whatsapp wallpaper on an Android phone.  Now you can use new Whatsapp wallpapers any time you want. Hope you enjoy this feature!

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