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Silence is one of the great arts of conversation. Whatsapp is used for communicating with friends and the dp is a way to express your personality and emotions. Being silent is a great way to let someone know they did wrong. This dp collection is very useful for someone who wants to express that they are silent because they are angry or hurt by someone. When you are sad or alone, then it is best to be silent until the pain heals itself.  You can choose your favorite silent Whatsapp dp from this huge collection below. All Whatsapp images below are for free download.

Silent Whatsapp DP Collection

The places where you can find the most silence is in the middle of the forest. This is a beautiful Whatsapp image that says silence is the source of strength.

Silent Whatsapp dp quote that says if you don’t understand silence from a person, then you can understand their words.

Attitude silent dp.

Whatsapp dp for girls. When a girl is silent, then you know that she is sad.

Silent Whatsapp dp with attitude. Silence is the best response to a fool.

A sad silent dp that encourages silence to remove the heart break.

Another sad silent Whatsapp dp with a silhouette.


This is a great choice to show your confidence and silence in your Whatsapp dp.

Cute silent dp with a baby girl posing in it.

Sometimes its normal to be emotional and you can use this sad silent dp on your Whatsapp.

The most common reaction when a person is sad is that either they are angry or they become completely silent.

One of the many reasons why someone wants to use a silent dp is to show that they are disappointed by the situation and do not wish to talk to anyone.

A lonely photo of the forest with a sad quote. Great choice to express your feelings on Whatsapp.

When a girl has a breakup or relationship is over then its often come to feel sad and alone.

Silence is the most powerful scream, it is rightfully said. Nice Whatsapp image with quote.

Trust, silence and love are all inter-connected. This picture is a great way to show that trust is always given first to a person and then it is up to the other person to decide whether to break it.

A motivational Whatsapp dp that emphasizes the importance to work hard in silence and allow your success to make the noise. Its also a very a stylish dp to use.

work hard in silence

Here is one of my favorite choices for a cute Whatsapp dp, it is of a baby sleeping silently.

This is a woman who is sitting all alone. You can use it as a sad silent dp for Whatsapp.

A girl putting her fingers on the lips to ask someone to keep quiet.

Confidence is silent, whereas insecure people are generally very loud. Therefore, if you want to show yourself as a confident person, then this is a great choice as a Whatsapp dp.

A good alone silent dp for use when you are sad and lonely.

good alone silent

Silence in relationship which means not talking to each other for a long time can have harmful consequences. This is usually a good choice to send your friends as a Whatsapp message or status.

At times, if you are silent instead of telling someone the truth, then it can become betrayal. A very g

This is a beautiful poem that can be used as your dp that talks about the importance of silence in our lives.

Whatsapp dp for introvers who like to stay silent.

It is true that one of the best test of relationships is whether you are comfortable in silence with each other.

A cute silent dp for lovers who can communicate through silence.

Hugging is a silent way showing that you care and it is even more effective than talking a lot.

Whatsapp dp of a woman who is sitting alone in silence.

Good choice for dp of a beautiful silent beach. You can hear the crash of the waves and enjoy listening the birds chirping.


A good Whatsapp image to show your solitude and silence. It is a quiet bench in the corner of the room.

Buddha Whatsapp dp. Gautama Buddha is the symbol of powerful silence.

In many relationships, couples are uncomfortable when it gets silent. However, in the best relationships it is a good sign if you can be with someone without being awkward due to the silence

Silent dp with quotes. When you are silent, then many answers can come to you.

An amazing Whatsapp dp to use to show your smartness. Silence is better than meaningless words.

If you have people on your Whatsapp friend list that you do not want to talk to, then you can use this as your dp. Some people deserve your silence, not your words.

A girl in a red dress asks you to be silent. Beautiful girl in red as Whatsapp dp.

Quote for silence. You can make someone else silent unless you are silent yourself.

Cute baby wearing a silent mischief t-shirt.

Girl thinking alone silently in her room.

Girl sitting by herself next to a lake in silence.

A sad girl sitting alone silently in black and white photograph.

Silence and pain are related. If you are in pain, then you will be silent.

Cute babies silently smiling. Babies are a very popular option to use as Whatsapp dp.

Lonely girl sitting alone in the forests.

Silence and smile is the secret to success.

Download this amazing dp for Whatsapp.

The main message in this picture is that wise people realize the importance of silence.

In the final image in this silent Whatsapp dp gallery is an important message that you can provide by using it. Someone being quiet or silent should not be considered as their weakness, but rather their self-control.

Hope you enjoyed this great collection of silent Whatsapp dp. You can download them for free and enjoy using it as your profile picture on any social media of your choice. These images are in high quality and HD version.

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