50 Stunning Whatsapp Wallpapers for Download


A huge collection of Whatsapp wallpapers that you can download for free from this website. Find wallpapers with quotes, funny and cute pictures. Now hold endless conversations on Whatsapp with a beautiful background that you will enjoy as well as impress your friends. Google Play Store also has an app that you can install for downloading Whatsapp wallpapers. However, if you want to avoid wasting space on your phone with an app installation, you can use these images. All images are HD Whatsapp wallpapers which will be pixel perfect on your Android or iPhone mobile phone. There are various categories of wallpapers like quotes, funny, sad, love, superhero, cars and animals available.

Download Whatsapp Wallpapers

The first is this gorgeous wallpaper of the Eiffel tower at an interesting angle with a Sepia effect.

wallpaper of the eiffel tower

A Whatsapp wallpaper with the a stunning cosmic view of our galaxy.

This wallpaper is for those who admire ferocious nature.

A cute and colorful Whatsapp wallpaper with a modern floral design.

For those who want to feel a little trippy, download this wallpaper.

One of my favorite wallpapers on this list, the crimson color, the long road leading to the sun and the wavy clouds make it an amazing choice for a Whatsapp wallpaper.

Enjoy the cool coconut trees from Hawaii in a Sepia effect with the picture below.

If you are a Batman fan then you will love this Bane wallpaper.

Like Batman, if you watch a lot of other superhero movies then this is a Captain America inspired Whatsapp wallpaper.

Get a sugar rush with this candy crush wallpaper.


Download Pokemon Whatsapp wallpapers from this list. Check out this adorable wallpaper with Pikachu in it.

Love cats and being cool? Then here is a cool cat.

Feel refreshed every time you chat using Whatsapp with this amazing wallpaper.

Cute Whatsapp wallpaper that is also a little sad to look at.

If you love nature and admire wild animals like the lion you can choose the below option as a wallpaper.

An image with techno-inspired cute robot with neon lights.

Whatsapp wallpaper for love birds.


Another nature inspired Whatsapp wallpaper displaying the ferocious yet cute Leopard family.

I am not certain if the below is the picture from a super hero movie or the designer just used his creativity. But I thought it was pretty awesome to have as a wallpaper.

Who doesn’t love Game of Thrones? Here is a GoT-inspired Lannister wallpaper.

Whatsapp wallpaper with quotes for good morning and starting the day fresh.

An inspiring picture of the rain falling on the raging sea.

A dark-tone picture of the silent woods depicting serenity and solitude.

Another fantastic picture of the sky and space.

Whatsapp wallpaper for love from a popular animated movie by Pixar.

For the bold women and those who like modern cartoon art, this is a good choice for a wallpaper.

Gear heads can drool over this beautiful car Whatsapp wallpaper of BMW.


A refreshing picture that will offer you peace of mind and calm every time you chat on Whatsapp

A Photoshop-edited picture of a tiger with neon light streaks.

After Batman wallpaper, here is a Whatsapp wallpaper for Iron Man fans.

An amazing Whatsapp wallpaper for Game of Thrones fans featuring Jon Snow.

An incredibly cute Whatsapp wallpaper in primary colors.

A wallpaper from the popular television series The Walking Dead.

I love Baymax! This is a cool wallpaper from the popular animated movie Big Hero 6.

Cute cat wallpapers for Whatsapp.

All car lovers will enjoy this Whatsapp wallpaper with a fiery red Ferrari and an amazing background.

Download the Whatsapp wallpaper with quotes for a positive life.

Below is a cute Whatsapp wallpaper on a love theme.

A plain but elegant wallpaper with an aerial view of a football field.

Cute wallpaper for Whatsapp featuring Hello Kitty in pink.

You will also love this cute Whatsapp wallpaper with a animated fat elephant flying with the clouds.

Comic sketch inspired Whatsapp wallpaper.

For some reason I love long roads with a far reaching view. This is also one of my favorite wallpapers from Hollywood.

Tattoo-ed man with muscled body and dark shades.

A close-up of the cluster of colored Autumn leaves with morning dew drops.

Another cute Whatsapp wallpaper featuring Baymax! I highly recommend watching it if you haven’t so far.

Whatsapp wallpaper for those who love cute cats.

A really funny Batman wallpaper for those who enjoy humor.

Another car wallpaper from the popular movie franchise Fast and Furious.Hope you enjoyed this big collection of Whatsapp wallpapers cute, funny, cool, loving, nerdy, geeky, hilarious and all other kinds. I use some of these images on my Whatsapp and really love them. Would love to hear comments below on which one you liked best from this list.

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